Falling, I Keep Falling: Euro zone falls into second recession since 2009

November 15, 2012

I don’t think there is a cure, other than dump COMMUNISM. You know the collective that ObeWama magic… Do you even understand what’s happening? DO you know about the Turd World elixir, used by all tyrants to sooth ….

The debt crisis dragged the euro zone into its second recession since 2009 in the third quarter despite modest growth in Germany and France, data showed on Thursday.

No one seems to understand how to fix the debt crisis. Easy Peasy, STOP SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE”S MONEY.

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Covering Up: Obama LIED, Media Quiets It….

October 11, 2012

Did you see the network news last night… Sure was quiet about Bengahzi and the President lies.

What did you expect?

Not to worry, the Presidents UN speech will live in infamy…

I saw a few of the quick bits, but no where the depth Romney got when he told the truth at the get go.

This is Watergate except for the dead people, no one died in Watergate. Here we have a President of the USA lying to the whole world.

Yesterday —  The hearing produced several jaw-dropping highlights, including


January 14, 2012

Standard & Poor’s officially cut the long-term credit rating of France and eight other Eurozone nations, stripping the Parisian country of its coveted AAA status.

Europe’s debt crisis continued to claim victims, as S&P lowered Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, and Spain by two-notches. Smaller one-level downgrades hit Austria, France, Malta, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

“Today’s rating actions are primarily driven by our assessment that the policy initiatives that have been taken by European policymakers in recent weeks may be insufficient to fully address ongoing systemic stresses in the eurozone,” Primary Credit Analyst Moritz Kraeme said.

The ratings agency reiterated its ratings on Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Standard & Poor’s has taken all 16 nations off of CreditWatch, indicating they are safe from downgrade in the near term. However, the company has left 14 of the countries, including Italy and France, on negative outlook. Slovakia and Germany were the only two to regain stable outlooks.

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Austria hit by heavy snow, major railway line shut

January 7, 2012

While the USA proper has only 16% snow cover, Europe is not that lucky. Alaska, lots of snow …

The BBC reports:

Heavier than usual snowfall and high winds have caused chaos on roads and railways in many areas of Austria.

Part of a major railway route has been shut down in the west of the county, and some villages and tourist resorts have been cut off.

Up to 1.2 metres (4ft) of fresh snow has been recorded in some areas since Thursday.

The authorities say the probability of avalanches is extremely high and widespread.

The railway line that connects Oetzal, close to Innsbruck in Tyrol, and Bludenz in the far west of the country has been shut and is expected to remain closed until Sunday afternoon, says the BBC’s Bethany Bell in Vienna.

Nearly 2,000 homes have been without power.
More heavy snow is predicted over the next few days.


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