I Wonder Do People Know?

October 9, 2013

SSI is covered by a separate tax, 12.4% of gross. So it’s a paid into system. It’s called The Social Security Trust, where technically the money paid into is there, but it’s not. Congress has already spent the excess, and it , must be immediately replenished when needed.

Yes this is FDR’s PONZI scheme. I know that.

But it is, what it is. There is about $20 billion in monthly payouts and about $25 billion in tax receipts, so it’s fine, and by law must be paid.

By about 2038 it goes in the red, and is no longer sustainable. So say the SSI actuaries.

So Obama is just telling lies when he says the benefits that a whole lot of people depend on, won’t be paid, unless, our potentate breaks the LAW. Which isn’t unheard of.

Living The High Life …

September 27, 2013

FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, as the let them eat cake crowd, tries to keep the people down. Just shut up!!!

$5.25m For Senate Hair Care & 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

At this point, more than half of those “serving the American people” in Congress are millionaires.

Hey it’s just taxpayers money, we can always print more if we run out… Read the rest of this entry »

Shall We Start The Articles?

September 23, 2013

We need a list don’t we? What better time than now?

Orin Hatch leads off, starts of with …. Questions For The IRS:

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IRS Scandal Tea Party : UPDATE

September 20, 2013

IRS SCANDAL UPDATE: IRS Surveilled Tea Parties Until Two Weeks Ago.

Lois Lerner: Signed letter rekindles debate on IRS official’s status. “Lois Lerner has been on paid leave from the Internal Revenue Service since May, after invoking her Fifth Amendment rights in refusing to answer questions from Congress about her handling of Tea Party cases. So why was she still sending letters to groups applying for tax exemptions as recently as August?”

Another Says YES

September 12, 2013

Tea Party Leader Katrina Pierson Announces Run for Congress today she announced it on Facebook…::: Pearson is running for Congress in Texas.

Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the United States Congress in Texas’ 32nd Congressional district.

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Let’s Have One More

September 10, 2013

And you thought Bush-Chenny were the war mongers.


Read the book 1984, or watch the movie 1984, where the ruling class in the nation of Oceania used perpetual war, to keep the people agitated. It’s instructive.

BTW Bush was actually thinking he was doing the right thing. Does anybody think if Congress votes this guy and his war a way to stand-down, he actually will? For sure???


How Can You Tell???

September 9, 2013

Obama’s lobby Congress campaign, as told by the liar of Benghazi …:::: How Not to Win Over Congress: Sending Susan Rice, on the Benghazi anniversary, to argue for Syria is one of many missteps.

Why does anyone believe anything this fellow or his minions tell anyone anymore?

Heck, she had no compunction lying to the world. Stick your figure in the eye of the dumb.

One Size Too Big

September 7, 2013

Is the world stage just too big for him?

JAMES TARANTO: Reductio ad Obama: The logic of the president’s incapacity to lead.

Obama loves to speak in the first-person singular; he seems oblivious to the obnoxiousness of his habitual references (including one in today’s press conference) to “my military.” But suddenly it’s a matter of whether we mean what we say.

It’s the same dodge as “I didn’t set a red line.” In reality, as we noted Wednesday, Obama did introduce the idea of “a red line,” and his subordinates later affirmed that he had thereby set such a line. Obama is using the first-person plural to obscure what he’s really doing by asking lawmakers for approval: demanding that they say that they mean what he said. He blundered into a policy by speaking carelessly, waited months before thinking through its implications, then made a decision. He believes he has the authority to carry out that decision on his own, but apparently is unwilling to do so unless Congress affords him political cover. 

I’m beginning to think that this President Obama fellow just isn’t up to the job.

His vast experience in community, agitation seems to be his only asset.

Video Turns The Syrian Debate

September 7, 2013

The President has not made the case …

The raw video was so grisly, and so barbaric, that the New York Times staffers who watched and edited it for online publication were made “physically ill,” according to the newspaper’s spokeswoman.

The president faces hardening barriers in Congress, where both Republican critics and Democratic allies have voiced deep reservations or flat opposition to his proposal to intervene militarily in a predominantly Muslim nation after a decade of war overseas. Polls show that much of the American public is skeptical, too.

BUCHANAN: Our boys to be ‘mercenaries of sheikhs, sultans and emirs’… Here is America’s choice … Why would we join up with al Qaeda terrorists. Why did we join up with the Muslim Brotherhood? Answer your own question …

Our Remote Control President

September 6, 2013

Look, it’s not me Ordering everybody(Congress) to support Obama’s WAR …::: Obama, from Russia, urges U.S. lawmakers to back strike on Syria

See I am not even there, how could I?

But the president faces hardening barriers in Congress, where both Republican critics and Democratic allies have voiced deep reservations or flat opposition to his proposal to intervene militarily in a predominantly Muslim nation after a decade of war overseas. Polls show that much of the American public is skeptical, too.

Reread the WP Headline again. Covering fire, and how it works.

The American public has apparently seen this movie before.

And the prove how serious he really is, Obama has postponed, his latest Hollywood fundraiser.

See how serious he is. But it all comes down to character and judgement … Of the Obama. What is your judgement?

Lies are hard to sort through. The Obama illusion is fading, the American people are now sensing something it wrong. We still can’t figure out the image of NOW? WHY NOW?

Being pushed to the cliff of ‘moral action’ … After 120,000 dead no action, but NOW after 1200 deaths, we have to take action … NOW.

Was this how we got Obamacare?


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