Intel’s NUC

October 20, 2013

Intel NUC Kit (Model D54250WYK)

Intel NUC D54250WYK SFF System Review – Haswell Update

Here is a short video … PC for your TV, just add Linux/Android of your choice …

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer

September 27, 2013

MIT Technology review reports on the first carbon nanotube computer.

A carbon nanotube computer processor is comparable to a chip from the early 1970s, and may be the first step beyond silicon electronics.

It’s a start …

The Shrunken

September 23, 2013

Coming soon …

Gigabyte lists this Brix system’s total volume at 0.72 liters, believe it or not. The guts of this thing include a quad-core Haswell R-series processor with Intel Iris Pro graphics and 128MB of embedded DRAM serving as an L4 cache. It’s not going to be the fastest gaming PC around, but it should be reasonably capable. Its CPU performance should be nearly as good as anything available in a desktop system.

Inside, there’s room for a single 2.5″ SATA drive and two mini PCIe x1 expansion slots.

Pictures  below.

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Intel’s updated NUC squeezes in Haswell Core-i5, HD 5000 4K graphics

September 22, 2013

Crank up the NUC and let’s see what she can do …BUT what about the cost???

Android on a stick blows cost out of the water …no MS tax, no Intel Tax.

On to NUC’s

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Curiouser And Cursioser

September 10, 2013

So now Obama likes Putin’s offer. Where before he had Samanther powers pour cold water on the Idea, as the Obama corcles the drain.

Syrian Rebels ‘Giving U.S. Targets To Defeat Regime’…

Obama: Attack ‘Absolutely’ on Hold if Syria Abandons Chemical Weapons…

Opens door to ‘diplomatic track’…

German paper says intercepts show Assad rejecting Sarin use…

RICE The liar of Benghazi … Obama sends Susan Rice to Hill to brief lawmakers…

PAPER: Intel officials warned president al Qaeda was strengthening…

Oh goody …. U.S. Intelligence Official Says Syrian War Could Last for Years 

Well that’s some list of links and just shows how muddled Obama’s foreign policy is.



Tablets : Where The Surface Stands Tall — And Falls Flat

August 20, 2013

Microsoft is gearing up for its second-generation Surface. Here’s what it should hold onto, and what it should change.

C-NET has this article … Whimpy performance, the RT for the most part, established to post, and expensive, say the nay sayers.

The pro is still pricey but performs better…


WiGig Wireless to Crowd Out WiDi & HDMI?

August 19, 2013

Here is an interesting story on the next WIFI technology iteration … WIGig … it aims to outdo WIFI AND WIDI … Yes that’s a mouthful of jargon, but that’s the way they like it … Looking like it’s going to be, as even Intel, the perpetrators of WIDI even has to respond … Microwave technology invades your space. The cables are an endanger species, I bet your wife will like that.

WiGig Wireless to Crowd Out WiDi & HDMI?

So what do we do with WiGig? Imagine, if you wil a laptop or ultrabook… and now imagine that device wirelessly docking to a display with a full array of USB, FireWire and Ethernet ports. W’re talking about using WiGig technology across the board to power video, connectivity and audio. So if all goes well, WiGig will be expanded and supported in much the same way as PCI and USB were and have been. If the new ultrabooks take off as we think they will, the need for this level of docking will increase dramatically and inject some much-needed consumer demand into the marketplace.

WiGig is an organization promoting the adoption of multi-gigabit speed wireless communications technology operating over the as-of-now unlicensed 60 GHz band.

Coming to a coffee shop near you???

Sony Takes The Lead?

August 18, 2013

Sony To Rival Google, Intel With New TV Streaming Service

At this point, it’s not really a question of whether the television industry will be massively disrupted, but when. Analysts have been expecting Apple to take the lead, but it has been smaller outfits such as Roku and HULU changing things up. But, there’s still no true replacement for pay-TV, at least not yet, as most channels that offer online viewing options won’t allow streaming without a pay-TV subscription. But Sony may come out of nowhere and shock us all, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

Intel Cooks Up The Future Of TV

August 18, 2013

Did they Or didn’t they???

Open question so far as hardly no one knows … What it really has to offer. Technologically it can be done. Bits are bits, so all you need is high speed internet, load and go. The channel selector becomes a relic of the past … ROKU could do this right now, but license fees block them. Per subscriber fee network cable must go first!!!

When your cable company decides they just want to offer bits for sale ….

intel-future-tvWhat about carry fees? Most have not been able to take that on head-on.

Visualize the TV service you’ve always wanted: a gorgeous interface that does away with clunky (and often ad-strewn) programming grids; a simple remote that isn’t a crushing array of buttons; a cloud-based DVR that doesn’t require you to hit “record”; algorithms that learn what you like and recommend new shows; an easy sync with social networks; effortless co-viewing with friends far away; video on tablets, phones and other devices with screens; and the seamless integration of traditional TV and what’s on the web.

Now imagine all of that comes in a beautiful box with a front-facing camera and the kind of industrial design that makes you not want to hide it in a cabinet.

This device is built. And it is in the hands of a select few secret testers at media companies, agencies and, of course, Intel’s Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters.

About a year ago, Intel established Intel Media to build an “over-the-top” TV service, joining streaming-video players such as Netflix and Hulu. Its service, however, will be the first to deliver a full array of cable TV channels over the internet.

Intel has not announced a name, a price or a release schedule more specific than some time this year, but those who have seen it describe it as a significant advance over any existing cable or satellite platform. “I’m impressed because Intel makes chips; no one expected them to come out with a product like this,” said Michael Bologna, head of advanced TV at Group M, who has spent several hours with the box.

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Intel’s 12-Core Xeon with 30MB of L3 cache: Apple’s new Mac Pro CPU?

August 15, 2013

It’s not official but it is the latest big rumor making the rounds.

“Every manufacturer, including Intel, claims that it’s still looking out for the small but elite group of power users. To say otherwise is blasphemous,” Chris Angelini reports for Tom’s Hardware. “But my early look at the enthusiast-oriented Ivy Bridge-E configuration (Intel Core i7-4960X) turned up a distinct lack of progress in this upcoming generation.”


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