Did You Consider What Might Be Next???

October 28, 2013

SALENA ZITO: The View From ‘Tea Party Country.’

“Washington should note that the public’s patience is finite and that no party is immune to growing populism. Out here in ‘flyover country,’ that makes tea party activism seem, well, like a dainty tea party.”

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Silicon Valley Cringes … A Kayak For Healthcare

October 26, 2013

>As Healthcare.gov Falters, Silicon Valley Cringes (‘State of the Art Incompetence’)

This week, as programmers in Washington scrambled to fix the glitch-ridden healthcare.gov, the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act architecture, their counterparts in Silicon Valley viewed the situation with a mixture of rolled eyes and sympathy.

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Spin, Becomes Lies …

October 25, 2013

Washington post reports more people have gotten cancelled so far, than have gotten past the log in screen on the government website …

One has to wonder how many other carriers will soon be dropping the hammer on consumers. When all is said and done, 16 million Americans could lose their health insurance thanks to the Obamacare provisions. And that’s before we get to the time when businesses start dropping their own sponsored coverage prior to the employer mandate kicking in come 2015.



Obama’s Credibility Is Melting

October 24, 2013

For The longest time it’s been magical, but all good things have to end … The collapse of ObamaCare is the tip of the iceberg for the magical Obama presidency.

A house built on lies will come crashing down … reality will show that.

All of a sudden, from Washington to Riyadh, Barack Obama’s credibility is melting.

Amid the predictable collapse the past week of HealthCare.gov’s too-complex technology, not enough notice was given to Sen. Marco Rubio’s  statement that the chances for success on immigration reform are about dead. Why? Because, said Sen. Rubio, there is “a lack of trust” in the president’s commitments.



Exposing The Government Process …

October 23, 2013

The problem is inherent in the government process, as this Washington Post article unwittingly exposes:

Timothy B. Lee: In your work as a computer science professor, you’ve taught a lot of smart programmers, many of whom went on to work at top technology companies. Why does government have trouble recruiting this type of worker?

Ed Felten: I think some of it has to do with the way government personnel works. Top programmers are in high demand, and they can get excellent salaries or the possibility of major upside from stock options. That’s true even in entry-level positions right out of college. It’s difficult for the government to compete with that on a civil service pay scale.

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Who Is The Extremist?

October 22, 2013

DICK CHENEY: The Tea Party Is Not Extremist – Obama Is


Co-Op Country

October 15, 2013

JAMES TARANTO: Co-Op Country: A real estate metaphor for Washington.

 No one can outdo Thomas Friedman in the production of labored metaphors, but give Paul Krugman an “E” for Enron–uh, we mean effort. . . .

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Protest, OFA

October 15, 2013

It’s all he knows how to do … So sad …

OFA To Hold Protest Against The Tea Party In D.C. On Tuesday…

OFA to hold DRONE Event …

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If You Think This Is Bad

October 14, 2013

Wait until you see the deductibles …::: If you think the ObamaCare exchanges and premiums were bad

Pay attention, those of you who thought it was all going to be free.

Got you with the free cheese talk. That’s all it was was talk. To get votes, both from Obama and the Democrats.

What’s going on in Washington is to just try to blame the Republicans. Yet it’s just glaring incompetence.

How could it have been all free? Did doctors start giving their services away? Think!!! And how would they pay for their medical education bills. Just a small amount of common sense will do. Think!!!

Fright Talk

October 11, 2013

You Are Being Played again …. STOP THE DEBT CEILING SCARE TACTICS…::: To quote the famous Yogi Berra, “it’s like déjà vu all over again” with the battle over ceremonially raising the debt ceiling.

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