Allen vs Webb vs NYTimes

November 25, 2006

It looks like BDS has totally consumed the liberal rag, the New York Times to the point they no longer can see stratight nor think straight. Here they are excoriating Sen Allen for introducing the bill to allow citizens to carry weapons in national Parks. Imagine that, you are off in the middle of nowhere National Park and you might need to defend yourself from nefarious types who know law abiding citzens aren’t allowed to carry weapons national Parks. There is a word for this, it’s called easy pickings, well that would be two words.

But common sense got yopu down, then the New York Times might make sense. But for normal people who live in the real world instead of the laughable virtual reality of New York, it makes perfect sense. Citizens taking care of themselves, what astrange concept to the New York Times. I wonder how they got so loony over there. Maybe it’s all those cancellations that got them down, but whatever, it’s really funny when liberals speak. They must just sit around talking to themselves.

A Parting Shot Form George Allen

As a last little gift to America, Senator George Allen, who was narrowly defeated by James Webb this month, has introduced what may be his final piece of legislation: a bill that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons in national parks. The argument behind the bill is that national park regulations unfairly strip many Americans of a right they may enjoy outside the parks. The bill has passed to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, where we hope it will die the miserable death it deserves.

The only problem for the New York Times, they nmust have assumed all Democrats subscribe to the hysterical notion of gun control, but oops, seems Sen elect Webb promised in his camapign to introduce the very same legislation if elected. Checkmate asshats at the New York Times, what you gonna do now? Can’t attack a donk, now can we? So you expect Webb to just go away, if I read him correctly, you be in for areal bad time at it.

Sen. Allen Plans Last Shot at Bill to Allow Concealed Weapons in U.S. Parks

Webb promised in an Oct. 30 campaign letter to introduce similar legislation, citing his enjoyment of target-shooting and the fact that he has had a concealed-carry permit for years. A Webb spokesman said Wednesday that the senator-elect has not studied Allen’s bill.

Fair enough, but I would expect Webb’s voters will demand he follow through on his promise. I wonder what Schumucky Schumer will do then?

My guess is the San Fran Nan and Schumucky Schumer crowd are in for a rough time of it.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2006


Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

November 22, 2006

Especially designed to wipe Israel out, first. Then the great Satan, America, is next. My guess is a nuclear bunker buster is about the right weapon. Demonstrates what the Great Satan can do while at the same time, showing the ragheads what they can’t have.Natanz Iran overhead showing ongoing underground construction.
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Iraq’s Real WMDs, Nuclear Weapons

November 22, 2006

Iraq’s Real WMDs, The Nukes

The Islamo-Fascists problem for the world has been brewing for over thirty years. It is not a sudden occurrence. It was not caused by President Bush. It was caused by all of us. We have failed to recognize the symptoms and do anything about stopping it. The first major attack against America was probably the Marine Barracks bombing in 1983. The Beirut Marine Barracks bombing was a major incident during the Lebanese Civil War. Two truck bombers struck a facility used to house marines and other members of the multi-national force. The blasts had their intended consequences. The International peacekeeping forces withdrew. Round one to the Islamo-Fascists and a lesson learned. Inflict casualties and the western armies will run.

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