Polite And Armed

May 13, 2008

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. — Robert A. Heinlein

If you know anything about history, you know why the founders of America valued the Second Amendment, holding it in such high reverence that it only followed the First Amendment and made a solitary statement of it’s own. Tyranny thrives on an unarmed populace — That’s a historical fact. Show me one armed populace ruled by a dictator, just one.

The Second Amendment is the very embodiment of freedom, if the government won’t trust the citizen in good standing owning a weapon, then what will the government trust the citizen to own? In the days of the current nanny state it may be time to check your responsibilities, because without responsibilities there can be no individual rights. Responsibilities and individual rights are inextricably linked.
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Carbon Credits, Cap and Trade – Same As Rationing

May 13, 2008

Cap and trade is nothing more than a top down administration rationing scheme imposed on the population which the rations can subsequently be traded.

Sounds good, you get carbon credits for everything you do, car, washing machine, heating, lighting, the TV, you get carbon credits and it encompasses all those things. No problem if you don’t blow your budget. But then, you need to buy more, form someone who will sell theirs, Sounds like rationing, and trading rations doesn’t it. How much otherwise productive time would be spent on figuring out your rations, buying or selling your leftovers or covering your needs. It’s a bureaucratic time waster, a bureaucrat’s wet dream. A make work scheme that even the old Soviet Russia could be proud of.
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