July 31, 2008

Beware charismatic men who preach ‘Change’ — Change you didn’t want. We have a significant Cuban American population nearby, they aren’t for ‘change’. They have been there, done that, once was enough.

New Nukes For Florida

July 30, 2008

The Florida Public Service Commission July 16, 2008 approved a proposal by Progress Energy Florida for a ‘determination of need’ to build two, 1,100-MW nuclear reactors at a greenfield site in Levy County, Florida. The first reactor is scheduled to be operational in 2016, and the second reactor in the following year. Progress submitted the petition to the PSC in March.

One of many regulatory hurdles that block the real construction start. The ‘determination of need’ establishes that the need for more power generation is real and is supported by the demand.

Progress plans to install two newer Westinghouse AP1000 reactors. In April, Progress announced that it had executed a letter of intent with Westinghouse Electric and The Shaw Group Inc. to purchase long-lead materials for the new nuclear reactors that are to be installed.

Progress is not the only utility planning to build nuclear reactors in Florida. In March, the PSC approved a petition by Florida Power and Light for a ‘determination of need’ to build two more nuclear reactors at its Turkey Point facility south of Miami. These proposed units are scheduled to commence operations in 2018 and 2020.

Turkey point is right down the road from me, if you think I want nuclear power plants in your backyard and not mine. FPL have had two nuclear generators continuously for years. Turkey Point and the North Tampa area anchor the Florida grid, since most of the population clusters around those spots. Orlando is sort of out on it’s own, but has little permanent population relatively speaking.

Brings to four the total new reactors now being planned for Florida — It’s a start, but in the USA, we need more.

The Planet Has Ten Years, Fix Global Warning Or We Are Cooked

July 28, 2008

Where have I heard this before … I just can’t put my finger on it. Oh yeah, now I remember, it was from the UN.


Source: From Herald Wire Services Southern Cross Astronomical Society

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000. Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of “eco-refugees,” threatening political chaos, said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the United Nations U.N. Environment Program, or UNEP. He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the

Published on July 5, 1989, Page 2E, Miami Herald, The (FL)
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Liberty Quote Of The Day

July 25, 2008

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  — Benjamin Franklin

Something to keep in mind with the enchanted song sung by the Obama one.

President Bush Rescinds Oil Drilling Ban

July 25, 2008

Price of a barrel of oil drops — Imagine what would happen to the price per barrel if we actually started drilling in these areas protected by the Democrat Marxists in Congress?

For example, just a short term back, the ‘new Democrat’ Sen Ken Salazar, added a provision in secret to a Senate bill which blocks oil shale conversion in Colorado. Now why would he do that? I will tell you why, he wants you to suffer at the gas pump, simple as that. Sen Salazar is onlly a ‘new democrat’ when running fior election, after the election, he reverts to the same old Marxist Democrat obstructing America’s energy supply.

Democrats lie to get elected, then revert back to the same old Marxism after the fact. Didn’t you know that? Next time, pay attention before voting, your wallet and your family will appreciate that.

Oil shale conversion is a proved process, the electric power can be provided by nuclear power stations — Many countries around the world are currently doing this, oil shale to liquid fuels, the latest to join in is China. American oil companies have the technology know how to make it happen and make it happen fast. It is believed America has between 800 and 2,000 billion barrels of oil locked in the western shale deposits.

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The IPCC And Positive Feedbacks

July 24, 2008

What if I were to tell you that the entire case for man caused global warming(AGW) were to rest on two papers written by two scientists, and they provide no proof for their conclusions. Not thousands of scientists concurring on the facts, but a couple of scientists, whose work is done at the auspices of the UN. That fact is now becoming widely known. This fools game, relying on theory for both your hypothesis and the evidence you need to support it, is not science it’s a hoax, offered up for lay people to consume.
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Sabal Palm In Trouble

July 23, 2008

Bad news … Florida’s State Tree in for tough times. The sabal palm, Florida’s state tree, is under attack by a microscopic killer that has scientists stumped.

An unknown but growing number of sabal palms in the Tampa Bay area have died from a mysterious disease. Even after scientists pinpoint the disease, they will have to learn what insect spreads it. The disease will be tough to stop.
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Shock: Oil Companies Pays Off It’s Investors

July 22, 2008

Who would have thought that oil compnies would actually pay their investors for investing. I think it’s called capital, and capitalism. Probably a strange concept to all the *ism leftys of the world. It also appears as a great shock to the AP. A new AP story is headlined:  “AP IMPACT: Big Oil profits steered to investors.”

My now that’s a big news story, those that put up the money to drill for oil and natural gas, might get a pay off if oil is found. Might also get a dry hole, if they drilled where the congressional Democrat Marxists want them to drill. Who would drill where they think they would find oil, instead of where the Democrat Marxists say they can drill. You would think the Democrat Marxists want to bankrupt the oil companies … Maybe they do.

You want a share, buy stock.

The Left And DDT

July 22, 2008

Rachel Carson, name ring a bell? Do you know who she was, what she did? She died in 1964 and has become a goddess to the environmental leftists — Showing them the way of Gaia. Her book Silent Spring was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1962. The book caused the panic, started the whole process of lies about how DDT was destroying the world, hence the title “Silent Spring” — When all things are dead. The book is a fairy-tale, not based on science, but fiction — “Silent Spring” was not even close to scientifically accurate. All Rachel Carson did was what modern day leftists are doing today, they demonize an industry, in the case of DDT it was the chemical industry, accusing them of spreading mis-information, when in fact the chemical companies were trying to get the truth out. It took over thirty years to expose this hoax and get the truth out. Even today, the leftists are holding conferences and meeting to try and put the DDT genie back in the bottle, but no one is listening to them this time.
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Is This The Future Of Nuclear Energy?

July 17, 2008

Pint-sized nuclear power — These new smaller sized nuclear reactors generate about 50 MW instead of the usual 1000-1700 MW of today’s installations. They are just physically scaled down in size over their big brothers. Their big advantage is factory built, and factory re-fueled. There is an undeniable cost advantage by building on a factory assembly line, and re-fueling in a factory location. All would lower the costs of nuclear power, and allow the placement of the generators closer to the consumers, thus cutting transmission costs.

Interest in minireactors has grown over the past few years, according to Felix Killar at the Nuclear Energy Institute. “They’re simple and robust, with safety features to allow a country without nuclear expertise to gradually put in small plants, and get people trained and familiar with them before moving into more complex plants.” But small-scale plants could prove useful in the United States, too, particularly in areas where residents must now rely on diesel generators for electricity. Toshiba is reportedly working on a small-scale design for Galena, Alaska. But NuScale Power, the startup spun from Oregon State, is the first American company to submit plans to the NRC, which regulates all domestic nuclear power plants.

The plant’s design is similar to that of a Generation III+ “light water” reactor, but the size is unusual. “The whole thing is 65 ft. long,” explains Jose Reyes, head of the nuclear engineering department at Oregon State and a co-founder of NuScale Power. The reactor unit of NuScale’s containment unit is 14 ft., compared to a Westinghouse AP1000, a standard current design, which is about 120 ft. in diameter. It has to be built and serviced on-site, but NuScale’s units could be manufactured at the factory, then shipped on a rail car or heavy truck to any location and returned for refueling.

As in modern reactors, the containment shell acts as a heat exchanger, Reyes explains. The water closest to the core is vented into the outer shell as steam, where it condenses and drips into the cooling pool, which is recirculated to cool the core. The whole unit sits below grade, without telltale cooling towers. The reactor doesn’t use pumps to circulate the water if the unit overheats, which means it needs no external power to cool down. That’s a “passive safety” feature that protects the unit from electrical sabotage.


UPDATE: IBD had an editorial on the same NuScale factory built nuclear power generators and added a few points. The most significant is they are terror proof. Second the NRC is moving on the application approval. Third they say that the small size permits building the nuclear power plants at remote sites, which now use fossil fuel generators. This is a very interesting development. Another use of these small scale nuclear power plants is they could be built at the site used for shale oil and oil sands recovery. This would further reduce the carbon output of the recovery process for these widely dispersed deposits.

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