Progress: Uganda allowed to spray DDT

Another in a long line of hoaxes, DDT is slow;ly falling by the roadside as the truth comes out. DDT is the most effective way to prevent the srpead of malaria which has killed between 30 and 50 million Africans, mostly children in the years since it has been banned.

THE World Health Organisation and the European Union have allowed Uganda to spray the DDT chemical, the water and environment minister has said.

Ali Mambule reports that Maria Mutagamba said the Government would use the chemical, to kill mosquitoes that spread malaria.

The union had expressed reservations about the safety of Uganda’s agricultural products due to the spraying of the chemical, which was piloted in Apac and Oyam districts.

“You should now have no fear about the use of DDT concerning the market for our products,” Mutagamba said in Masaka town on Tuesday.

The minister, who was closing a seminar on the National Agricultural Advisory Services at Hotel Brovad, wondered why Ugandans feared the effects of DDT when they consumed products from countries where the chemical was used.

It’s about time the genocide is stopped, the blood of these children is on the hands of the people who spread the Rachel Carson lies in ‘Silent Spring’, a book with no science just religion, without no shred of truth to them. Yes the lies told in Silent Spring have been thoroughly researched and completely debunked.

Why do you think they are forced to allow the use of DDT again?

Ever heard of global warming, it’s the same sort of environmental Marxism, in the case of DDT, it was designed to keep Africans in poverty. Even today, electricity is kept from these African countries, because of the alleged pollution power plants cause. No measure has been made on the damage to the human condition that lack of electricity elicits on the human populations of these impoverished countries. More needs saying about the keep the Africans poor, for another time.

Electricity powers the modern world.

Steve Milloy’s writing on malaria and DDT at are available online here and here.

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