The Left And DDT

Rachel Carson, name ring a bell? Do you know who she was, what she did? She died in 1964 and has become a goddess to the environmental leftists — Showing them the way of Gaia. Her book Silent Spring was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1962. The book caused the panic, started the whole process of lies about how DDT was destroying the world, hence the title “Silent Spring” — When all things are dead. The book is a fairy-tale, not based on science, but fiction — “Silent Spring” was not even close to scientifically accurate. All Rachel Carson did was what modern day leftists are doing today, they demonize an industry, in the case of DDT it was the chemical industry, accusing them of spreading mis-information, when in fact the chemical companies were trying to get the truth out. It took over thirty years to expose this hoax and get the truth out. Even today, the leftists are holding conferences and meeting to try and put the DDT genie back in the bottle, but no one is listening to them this time.

DDT is just one of many scares and silly wars perpetrated against objects, thoughts and diseases by leftist that are designed to panic the people into taking actions they would have otherwise avoided. In this case, banning of an insecticide based on no scientific data. In case you are wondering, WHO, yes that UN group, has removed the ban on DDT September 15, 2006. After over thirty years and millions of dead African children, the ban has been lifted and DDT has gone back into production to fight malaria. Yeah, they say it’s only for indoor use, but who thinks that will stand the test of time. Why did millions have to die for a leftists fairy tale? There motives were clear, DDT allowed the pushing back of man’s habitable boundaries and the leftists want to contain humanity to preserves of their choosing.

… And now we come to Al Gore, his fictitious movie “Inconvenient Truth” and global warming, just the latest in the long line of leftists scares and their sycophant perpetrators who are trying to tell us we can control the sun if we will only pay enough taxes and live like they want us to live. You figure that one out for yourselves.

OK, I’ll provide my answer …

The scam never changes, only the targets. Yes, the “Silent Spring” hysteria WAS similar to the present “global warming” hysteria — as the real process of science was perverted by a social/political movement.

Remember what Saul Alinsky said … and you will understand the current state of continuous panic being spewed by the left.


Some science readings : J. Gordon Edwards, professor of entomology at San Jose State University in California, has taught biology and entomology there for 43 years. He is a long-time member of the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society and is a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences has the list … Enjoy … the list of the most egregious is here.

There are more articles over at Steve Milloy’s site JunkScience.

One Response to The Left And DDT

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    You’ve got the story on Rachel Carson exactly wrong, you know. No claim of Ms. Carson in the book has ever been determined to be incorrect — not by the President’s Science Advisory Council in 1963, not by the Department of Agriculture in the decade following the publication, not by the EPA, not by the courts — not anywhere.

    Who is paying you to say such nasty, incorrect things?

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