The IPCC Hockey Stick, The Cliff Notes Version

The intrigue and shenanigans to track down the truth and get to the bottom about the “Mann hockey stick” has now been told, in easy to understand “Cliff Note” format. It’s obvious the intent was to get the bogus information into the 2005 IPCC report, so that politicians could then use that report to bludgeon the public with the global warming hoax. It couldn’t last forever, and finally a few weeks back, the tale came to an end.

That the statistical foundations on which they had built this paleoclimate castle were a swamp of misrepresentation, deceit and malfeasance was, to Wahl and Amman, an irrelevance. For political and public consumption, the hockey stick still lived, ready to guide political decision-making for years to come.

The hockey stick is a fraud, total fraud, based on faked information when the real calculation would not support the conclusions needed. Bishop Hill, who is not a Bishop and lives on a hill in Scotland, has produced a Cliff Notes version of Climate Audit’s Hockey Stick investigation in Caspar and the Jesus paper.

Steve McImtyre’s post with the final runs of the statistics program “R” are here.

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