The EPA wants To Run Your Life

Isn’t this what the original tea party was all about? Through the magic of burdensome oppressive regulations and taxes, the EPA has decided the very stuff of life for carbon lifeforms, CO2 is an endangerment to well, uhh, err, life itself on planet earth. WOW, that’s some twisted freak reasoning you have there EPA isn’t it?

Photosynthesis: Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Green plants are the only plants that produce oxygen and make food, which is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis means ”putting together with light.” This takes place in chloroplasts, which have chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight. From sunlight, green plants combine carbon dioxide and water to make sugar and oxygen. Green plants use sugar to make starch, fats, and proteins. There are tiny pores called stomota. Oxygen and carbon dioxide enter and leave through the stomata. The waste product of the process is oxygen.

Cellular respiration: The process by which the chemical energy of “food” molecules is released and partially captured in the form of ATP. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins can all be used as fuels in cellular respiration, but glucose is most commonly used as an example to examine the reactions and pathways involved. The waste product of the process is CO2.

Much simplified, I know, you can find better more thorough explanations with lots of cute pictures and animations all over the Internet. But suffice it to say in short form, plants take in CO2 and sunlight and expel oxygen, animals eat the plants generate energy and expel CO2. It’s called the carbon cycle of life. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration, the process by which CO2 is interchanged between plants and animals.

Of course, science is not the goal here, taxes and control are.

This selection of YouTube links has been sent in by Magnus Andersson, Swedish blogger at

About 47 minutes in 5 clips.

Human Induced Climate Change – Ian Plimer Pt 1
Human Induced Climate Change – Ian Plimer Pt 2
Human Induced Climate Change – Ian Plimer Pt 3
Human Induced Climate Change – Ian Plimer Pt 4
Human Induced Climate Change – Ian Plimer Pt 5

How many of you remember the ‘ice age is coming’ hoax of the 1970s? Yes it was the same folks who are now pushing the ‘we’re all going to melt’ hoax of 2008. Hoaxes are cyclical and follow the earth’s natural climate change cycle.

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  1. The Center Square says:

    If you must blame someone, don’t blame the EPA. Blame the people you and I elect to Congress. The EPA just carries out the environmental laws passed by Congress.

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