Firefox 3.5

June 30, 2009

As was anticipated, the boys and girls at Mozilla have released the final build of Firefox 3.5 today. Firefox 3.5 — Now if the extensions would catch up.

Economy – Consumer Confidence Tanks in June

June 30, 2009

It’s official says the Economist, Americans are shopped out. The consumer confidence index fell to 49.3 in June from 54.8 in May. Economists polled had expected a healthier reading of 55.0 for this month. Who are these experts, and why would anyone think they knew anything that the average person doesn’t know better.

This is the lowest the index has been since the recession started in Q3 2008. Yes, the recession did not start 18 months ago, as the State Run Media says, it began about a year ago. The definition of the recession is two consecutive down quarters which occurred in Q3 2008. For review of the government data see here.

I assume the state run media thinks you can’t read.

“Cold Facts Dispel Theories on Warming”

June 30, 2009

From the Australian, as the Aussies see the hoax for what it is, an excuse to raise taxes, the exit stage left waltz begins:

FOR more than a decade public opinion on human-caused global warming has been moulded by pronouncements from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its army of acolytes.

Arguably the zenith of acceptance was the IPCC’s fourth assessment in early 2007 followed soon after by the release of the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth.

The accompanying recognition by way of an Academy Award for the movie and awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize jointly to Gore and the IPCC only heightened awareness of the message.

During more recent months it is not overstating the case to say that there has been a perceptible shift in public opinion.

Rejection of some of the claims made in the movie by a British court in itself has had little effect.

It is the soothing promises that decarbonising the economies of the developed world can be achieved without pain, and even with gain of green jobs, that are being seen more widely as hollow.

There is rising recognition that introduction of a carbon tax under the guise of “cap and trade” will be personally costly, economically disruptive to society and tend to shift classes of jobs offshore. Moreover, despite rising carbon dioxide concentrations, global warming seems to have taken a holiday.

The science of global warming is claimed to be too complex for the public to comprehend and judge. We are continually being told to take and act on the advice of the consensus of IPCC experts; the dissenters are no more than paid mouthpieces of industry or worse.

Nevertheless, the public and their representatives are showing innate common sense.

The Australian Senate is poised to reject the “cap and trade” legislation designed by the Rudd Government to implement the Orwellian carbon pollution reduction scheme; it is unlikely the US Senate will ratify similar legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions any time soon, despite the rhetoric of Barack Obama; and the UN’s post-Kyoto dreams of global industrial regulation are destined to fail in Copenhagen later this year.

Obama and the Democrats are pushing, pushing, pushing for TAX and RATION restrictions in order to save us from a fate worse than, well, environmental slavery. In reality, it’s economic slavery they really want, debt so high there is no discretionary income left.

The economic costs of cap and trade are stunning and the Aussies are pushing back hard. Similarly, in the USA it is believed that the TAX and RATION scheme will add 6.7 trillion to the tax burden and cost more than 2.5 million jobs. And that is just the estimate, no one knows for sure how high the bills will really be.

So how much does the earth’s temperature drop for every trillion in new taxes? Should that be the real qustion asked of the politicians?

You Know You Are In Trouble

June 30, 2009

When your boot -lick lapdog media laughs at you …

No taxes on those making less than 250k, down under the bus.

So exactly why didn’t you know Obama was a world class liar before you voted for him? Oh yeah, that’s right, you were so full of Bush hate stoked by the media that you just couldn’t wait. Ever heard the phrase ‘hate blinds’?

Your taxes are going up up and away. They already have if you cared.

Bitter Pills

June 30, 2009

Massachusetts health care, bitter results.

Only 26 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts believe health care reform has been a success and just 21 percent believe reform has made health care more affordable, according to newly released poll results.

The Rasmussen Reports poll of 500 likely Massachusetts voters, taken in April, also found only 10 percent said the quality of health care is getting better under the reform law rules here.

The moral of the story, everything government does turns out to be as good as the post office.

Read about the travesty here.

Breaking: SCOTUS Overrules Sotomayor On Ricci Case

June 29, 2009

More than just a little bit ackward, and in a reverse discrimination sort of way. If you aren’t familiar with the “Ricci case” read this.

The AP is reporting that the Supreme Court just overturned the Ricci case with a 5-4 ruling with Kennedy writing the decision. This was a very high profile ruling by Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who rejected the white firefighters’ complaint that they were discriminated against when an entire test was thrown out because not enough black firefighters scored highly enough. Latino woman takes one on the chin.

Kennedy’s opinion here.

Downright Funny, Downright Dangerous — Honduras Does A Save

June 29, 2009

Anybody remember the start up of the Iranian election aftermath, and how promptly Obama lent his support of the freedom demonstrators? Yes that 3 AM call, it’s still raging, with people getting brutalized every day by the totalitarian Iranian regime.

What’s really going on in Honduras — Piece of Work in Progress, translates the AP news for us:

You won’t really grasp it from the AP article, but the Honduran coup is about President Zelaya’s extra-constitutional attempt to extend his term. He would be out of office in January, but he wanted a referendum to permit him to run again. The Supreme Court stated that would be unconstitutional. The army general who was to have distributed the ballots refused, and was sacked. The military then snatched him from his villa and shipped him off to Hugo.

Crikey, another 3 AM call is on the Obama hot line — Then to see how Obama reacts to a two bit tinpot dictator wannabe who was trying to pull a Hugo Chavez style ‘dictator for life’ takeover of Honduras. Except for the fact that Obama obviously has the same designs for America — One ruled by Obama for life. America, you are Venezuela-2, better wake up soon.

It’s Honduras, you know South America land of the two bit tinpot dictators.

U.S., Venezuela condemn Honduran coup:

The Honduran military on Sunday ousted leftist President Manuel Zelaya and exiled him to Costa Rica – an action rejected by much of the world, including the United States and its sometimes foe, Venezuela.

The apparent catalyst for the coup came last week when Mr. Zelaya decided to go ahead with a nationwide referendum on whether he could purse a second term in office. Honduran electoral law limits leaders to one four-year term.

Though the referendum vote was neither sanctioned by Honduran congressional leaders nor deemed legal by the country’s Supreme Court, Mr. Zelaya scheduled the vote for Sunday. He further antagonized the country’s elite by trying to fire the head of the Honduran military, which promptly retaliated against him.

Have you hugged a Latin American tyrant today? And then there is this unusual confluence of support for the deposed tinpot dictator wannabe:

In an unusual concurrence of views, the Obama administration and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said they still recognized Mr. Zelaya as Honduras’ president. The State Department called the events an “attempted coup” and urged Mr. Zelaya’s “return and restoration of democratic order.”

Here is a look into the future for America, as seen by Obama.

TinPot-Obama__presidentforlifeslugblog1In his own image.

Have you ever wondered why the Hollywood bootlicks always went to Venezuela to lick Chavez’s boots?


June 27, 2009


Anybody come to mind here? Come’on, you must know someone in the Democrat party terror wing who would qualify.

Carbon Tax For Americans

June 27, 2009



June 26, 2009

Where you can help defeat this monstrosity of an ecommy killing energy tax.

Source inside EPA says that science is being ignored, censored and does not support pre-drawn conclusions of the Obama administration. Thomas Fuller writes at the SF Examiner:

Update: Because I was on deadline (no excuse) I didn’t credit Anthony Watts and his weblog Watts Up With That for a) alerting me to this issue in the first place, b) providing adequate background to help my understanding enough of the issue to proceed and c) facilitating contact with the source interviewed below. I have mentioned Mr. Watts and his weblog on numerous occasions (I’m not affiliated with them, by the way), but certainly not enough on this occasion. Watts Up With That, winner of the Science Blog of the Year, has once again provided an invaluable service to those interested in issues surrounding global warming.

A source inside the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed many of the claims made by analyst Alan Carlin, the economist/physicist who yesterday went public with accusations that science was being ignored in evaluating the danger of CO2.

The source, who chooses not to be identified for fear of retaliation, said that Carlin was rebuffed in his attempt to introduce scientific evidence that does not accord with the EPA’s view of global warming, which largely relies on IPCC reports. The source also saw Carlin’s report and said that it was ‘based on 8 points of peer-reviewed, recent and relevant scientific publications’ that cast doubt on the wisdom of regulating CO2 as a pollutant.

The EPA’s draft Endangerment Finding was initially written over a year ago during the Bush administration, and Lisa Jackson (the new head of the EPA) and her team wanted to get the Finding out on or near Earth Day, according to a schedule that was made public about a week before formal publication of the proposal. The draft was submitted to agency workgroups with only one week for review and comment, which is unprecedented, and received only light comments–except for Carlin’s.

You remember how the state run media had a cow when they aleged that Bush was surpressing science in the EPA?

So how much reduction in earth’s temperature do we see for each trillion in wasted taxes?

More here and here at Anthony’s WUWT site.

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