Windows 7 June 26 ?

Best Buy memo explains that Vista doesn’t work, details Windows 7 upgrade plans … A leaked memo says Windows 7 will go on sale June 26 – July 11 Here is Egadget’s picture of the memo:


It’s being called a ‘pre-sell’ option. So it’s not clear what you will actually get, the memo only talks upgrades. But it will aparently be a free upgrade to the final. Best Buy will begin “pre-selling” the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade ($49.99) and the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade ($99.99). Not clear if full copies will be available ‘pre-sell’.

Apple’s Snow Leopard did it — Retailing as a $29 upgrade for Leopard users, compared with Leopard’s $129 price tag at launch in 2007, or $49 for a family pack that’s good for five installs, it probably won’t be a major revenue driver for Apple.

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