Oba-Mao’s Safe School Czar

September 28, 2009

Creepy czars, how much more can America take …

A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an “older man.” At the very least, statutory rape occurred. Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse. That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama’s “safe school czar.” It’s getting hard to keep track of all of this president’s problematic appointments. Clearly, the process for vetting White House employees has broken down.

In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.

According to Mr. Jennings’ own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the “older man” in a “bus station bathroom” and was taken to the older man’s home that night. When some details about the case became public, Mr. Jennings threatened to sue another teacher who called his failure to report the statutory rape “unethical.” Mr. Jennings’ defenders asserted that there was no evidence that he was aware the student had sex with the older man.

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When Does It End

September 28, 2009


Read about ‘Prickly City’ here:

Dead End Kids

September 28, 2009

The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent — a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept. — meaning millions of Americans are staring at the likelihood that their lifetime earning potential will be diminished and, combined with the predicted slow economic recovery, their transition into productive members of society could be put on hold for an extended period of time.

During previous recessions, in the early ’80s, early ’90s and after Sept. 11, 2001, unemployment among 16-to-24 year olds never went above 50 percent. Except after 9/11, jobs growth followed within two years.

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Why not make the minimum wage $200 and hour, living wage and all that Liberal crap.

Suppport For Democrat’s Government Rationed Health Care Hits New Low

September 28, 2009

56% say NO and only 41% say yes to Government rationed healthcare, a 15% spread and a  new alltime low. After weeks of overexposure, the results are in, the Oba-Mao teleprompter magic smoke is officially gone. Which is why you hear the race card being played everywhere, Bill Clinton pitching the government rationed health care scam, and other assorted types of smoothering big government Democrat fossils doing the same.

This is a much wider margin than the 8% spread that Hillary’s government rationed health care fell under the weight of.

Rasmussen reports has the details:

Just 41% of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down two points from a week ago and the lowest level of support yet measured.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% are opposed to the plan.

Senior citizens are less supportive of the plan than younger voters. In the latest survey, just 33% of seniors favor the plan while 59% are opposed. The intensity gap among seniors is significant. Only 16% of the over-65 crowd Strongly Favors the legislation while 46% are Strongly Opposed.

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Irving Kristol, a giant of the 20th century, left us this past week. “Mugged by reality” was his famous description of his personal journey from socialist to liberal to godfather of the neo-conservative movement.

The Oba-Mao has accomplished the same, mugged the American people with reality, reality of a “*ism” warped socialist world they want no part of…

Social Security Will Run Deficits Beginning in 2010, Says CBO

September 28, 2009

Democrat’s thought it was funny back then, not so funny now.

Oh yeah, the Social Security trust fund trillions, it’s gone, spent long ago … Nothing left but Federal IUOs, and we now know how much they are worth.

The CBO has projected that Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes next year and in 2011.

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes next year and in 2011, a first since the early 1980s, when Congress last overhauled Social Security.

Then a slight respite as the economy picks up, assuming it does, and then by the year 2016 permananet deficits.

During President Bush’s 2006 State of the Union address he said, “Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security.” Democrats including Barack Obama applauded this remark.

Looks like the bad economy has claimed another victim.

So tell me how are we going to pay the trillions for government run healthcare anyone?

66% Of Americans “Angry” With The Current Policies Of The Liberal-Dominated Federal Government

September 28, 2009

And 39% of that 66% are very angry:

Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters nationwide say they’re at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government. Thirty-six percent (36%) are Very Angry.

Despite the high level of political anger last year that helped fuel President Obama’s election, 59% say the current level of political anger in the country is higher than it was when George W. Bush was president.

The cure for this?  Limiting government, I think. It just seems that out of control Federal Spending is not what people wanted when they voted for hope and change.

M-i-c k-e-y Mouse

September 27, 2009


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