It’s All About Perspective

When you see those tightly focused, graphs for the earth’s temperature for the last few hundreds years, did you ever wonder what the temperature was before the graphs were …

Here is a recent graph of from NOAA ice core data:

The Foresight Institute, J. Storrs Hall had some interesting graphs made from NOAA ice core data (Alley, R.B. 2000. The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews 19:213-226.) It sure seems to mirror other hockey sticks this past century. Dr. Mann will be thrilled to see this I’m sure.

So what happens if you were to take the temperature with a much wider time frame? Ah, let’s see:

Oops, the medieval warm period is back, when Vikings were farming Greenland — get it, the Vikings named it ‘green-land’. Then they got run off by the little ice age. But notice how today’s warming is quit unremarkable.

To go back even further — More here:

Other than the lies embedded in the current data, this is how the world has been scammed. All so politicians can have them a giant slush fund to play in.

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