The Day After, The Teleprompter Stopped The World

The London Telegraph weighs in: Copenhagen climate conference: global warming talks meltdown

The President calmly pronounced that a deal had been done. It was not sufficient to fight climate change and it was not legally binding but it would do, he said.

The ‘Copenhagen Accord’ was immediately attacked by the French, the Germans and the British but they accepted it and so did the world’s press as deadlines loomed.

However there are 192 countries in the UN process and they all need to sign. Many are angry. They call the “accord”, pushed through by the Americans and barely acknowledged by China – even though they have apparently signed up – a joke.

In the early hours of the morning, as delegates limped out into the snow it was still unclear whether a deal has actually been done.

And all for what is now a provable fraud on the world’s people. All the leaked emails and files from the East Anglia CRU did was to prove, the AGW fraudsters know the truth as well.

The magic Obama smoke is all gone, finny, kaput. Turn the teleprompter off and go home.

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