Al Qaeda Terrorist On The Plane

Al Qaeda Operative Tries To Bomb US Airliner Bomb Fizzles, Alert Passenger Jasper Schuringa saves the day,  “subdues” him, Flight Lands Safely In Detroit.

And what is clear to all, but the Big Government Oba-nuts:

Analysis: Detroit terror attack is a major intelligence and security failure

Big Government idiots spring into action, after figuring out the attempted terror attacker was on their very on government terror watch lists. Terrorist’s father had notified the US State department in Nigeria six months ago that he had ‘bad suspicions’ about his son.

Napolitano’s TSA decides new rules, can’t go to bathroom one hour before landing.

Looks like TSA gets a big lump of coal in it’s stocking this year. Multiple screenings and they didn’t spot the bomb? Or even zero in on the person on their very own no-fly watch lists. Napolitano declares government terror system worked perfectly … uhh huh it sure did Janet, it sure did.

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