Remember Heller?

I remember the pre-Heller gun case predictions that the Supreme Court striking the DC handgun ban would lead to carnage. Well, the Washington Times notices the opposite is indeed true, here is the truth: “DC Homicides, In National Trend, Hit Lowest Level Since ’64”.

The year is drawing to a close with homicides in the District at a 45-year low, reflecting a national trend that law enforcement officials are attributing to multipronged crime-prevention strategies that include advances in communication and coordination.

With just two days left in the year, according to preliminary numbers from the police department, the District has had 138 homicides compared with 184 at the same time last year, setting up the city to record the lowest number of homicides since 1964, when 132 were reported killed. Metropolitan Police Department officials attribute the decline to a “perfect storm” of crime-fighting strategies, including a new culture of communication within the police department.

More guns, less crime. A proved axiom.

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