The Lies of AGW: The Top Biggest Lies

The science is beyond dispute. The facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. We see record drought, spreading famine, storms that are going stronger each passing hurricane season.”

Barack Obama
Global Warming Junk Science Speech
November 17, 2008

Take it down slowly, it really is an extrodinary thing, to see a US President stand before the American people and lie.

At the dawn of the awakening, there was climategate.

First the glaciers that weren’t disappearing.

Then the Amazon forests that weren’t disappearing.

Then the hurricane scare that wasn’t.

Then the hockey stick that didn’t exist.

Then we figure out you just pick the data you want for the best scare value.

In fact the temperature isn’t rising, the lies were just increasing.

Then the food yields that were going to drop.

Now we find out that rising ocean levels is a crock, too.

And in response, the hoaxers think it’s their(hoaxers) message not being strong enough.

AGW — “The Big Lie”, as described by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kamph.

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