Do You Expect The Federal Government To Lie To You? – YES!

What is a ‘shuck and jive’ man, someone who sings and dances while lying to you. Or trying to show you how tough he is, wants ‘some ass to kick’. The oil spill has become the latest to remind people government is basically a disorganized, do nothing, porn watching kind of institution. Government doesn’t even follow the rules and regulations it wrote, while making everything worse, with an aura of invincibility.

The bottom line about the oil spill, the MMS should never have allowed the well to be drilled in the first place. But they waived the requirements. And then the cozy MMS and oil industry relations finished off the job of killing the Gulf of Mexico. And for BP to think that some 10s of millions in PR ads will fix everything, they know nothing. And if you look at the decision chain the day the well blew up, you know the disaster was inevitable — BP Decisions Set Stage for Disaster, with MMS along for the ride, not regulating the situations as the law required them to do.

Meanwhile, our dear reader want some “ass to kick” … LOL. First he need look no farther than his own, to find the most incompetent ass of all.

Then along comes the oil spill to remind people of why they don’t trust leaders – and why so many Americans, looking for information and action, are turning instead to blogs, Twitter feeds and their friends.

Consider this revealing scene: With reddish-brown oil globs washing ashore at Fort Morgan, Ala., Faith Kaiser and Bertice McPherson decided to do what generations of Americans have done when government can’t – or won’t – tackle a big problem: They handled it themselves.

Before paid cleanup crews started work, the volunteers pulled on rubber gloves and picked up the gooey mess. As they did so, Kaiser said this: “Six months from now the government will lie to us and say everything is fine.”

How did we get to this point where people EXPECT their government to lie to them? And what does it say about where we’re headed?

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