As Independence Day Aprroaches …

A new major, earth-shattering finding has been unearthed from the Declaration of Independence. Scientists have tried for many long years to get at the truth, what word did Jefferson erase with such vigor? Was it patriot, residents, what was the word ?


That’s what Thomas Jefferson first wrote in an early draft of the Declaration of Independence to describe the people of the 13 colonies.

But in a moment when history took a sharp turn, Jefferson sought quite methodically to expunge the word, to wipe it out of existence and write over it. Many words were crossed out and replaced in the draft, but only one was obliterated.

Over the smudge, Jefferson then wrote the word “citizens.”

No longer subjects to the crown, the colonists became something different: a people whose allegiance was to one another, not to a faraway monarch.

Scholars of the revolution have long speculated about the “citizens” smear — wondering whether the erased word was “patriots” or “residents” — but now the Library of Congress has determined that the change was far more dramatic.

Using some of the most advanced document imaging and research technology mankind has ever had, the mystery word, what Thomas Jefferson obliterated with his pen has been revealed — “SUBJECTS”. The word that was removed, destroyed by Thomas Jefferson during his writing of the 4th version was replaced by an entirely new concept, embodied in the word “CITIZEN”. That single word change, changed history. Americans will be forevermore never be subjects of anyone.

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And now we know, the moment that changed history …

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