Day 87: Fired BP Cleanup Contractor — Alleges Cover-up ?

In a story being reported by WDSU, alleging cover-up — A former BP contractor said Friday evening he was dismissed after taking photos that he believes were related to the use of dispersants and to the cleanup of the oil floating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adam Dillon worked as a liaison on Grand Isle early this summer. He later moved to a position at the BP Command Center near Houma.

In June, Dillon was there when security teams rebuffed WDSU anchor Scott Walker as he tried to speak with workers on a public beach.

But Friday, while driving home to North Carolina, Dillon contacted Walker and said he wanted to talk about his experience.

Dillon said he decided to talk because of what he saw happening in the cleanup effort and because of the way his role in that effort came to an end.

“When you met me (in June), and you were straight with me and I saw the way that you were being treated, I told you I wished I could tell you more,” Dillon said in a satellite interview. “And after the way BP treated me, I’m telling you now that you deserve an answer, and that’s why you’re getting an answer.”

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