Big Pharma Shrugs

Mandated price reductions produce mandated drug scarcity. Who could have seen that one coming?

There once was a baker who made delicious pies.

Then the government came, and ordered him to sell his pies for less.

While he used to get up at dawn, to bake his lovely pies, he now slept in.

He began getting up later and later and then just slapped the pies together, who cares, they are free.

And then the pies became half baked, as the government answered the cries for better and more pies.

And then they were government ordered “free pies” for all, to hide their half baked quality.

The baker had had enough, no more pies, I quit said the baker.

… the government came and ordered him to bake pies, he said no again, so the government shot him outside his bakery.

Then the government asked, who wants to bake pies?

… or for that matter make drugs.

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