A Temporary Solution For America’s Future

December 16, 2010

As the government tries to coral people, people react to realities. Filling employment needs with temporary workers, to avoid the unknowns of health care costs. Hah, the people are always smarter and quicker acting than the ponderous behemoth Obowma government.

A Recovery Like No Other

The explanation behind temporary job creation is pretty simple: uncertainty. Companies don’t want to make longer-term commitments if they don’t know what the next couple of years will look like. New regulations are being imposed on companies, be it health care, finance, the environment, and the other areas. And the exact form and extent of these regulations still have to be determined by regulators. Many small companies don’t even know what tax rates they will face after the beginning of the year. Neither the president nor the Democratically controlled congress attempted to prevent income tax rates from rising for even the middle class until just a few weeks before they were expected to rise.

President Obama’s stimulus and regulations have created much of today’s unemployment by moving around trillions of dollars in the economy and moving around the jobs that are associated with that money. People haven’t instantly moved from one job to another.

A temp job recovery, because these contract workers can be dismissed at any time, with no costs.




Florida: 20 States Lawsuit Will Go Forward …

December 16, 2010

A federal judge in Florida will start hearing arguments Thursday in the latest legal challenge to the constitutionality of a key provision of the nation’s new health-care reform law — that nearly all Americans must carry health insurance or face a financial penalty. The Federal Government’s dismissal motion was denied.

On Monday, a federal judge in Virginia sided with that state’s attorney general, who contended that the insurance mandate violated the Constitution, making it the first successful challenge to the legislation.

The dispute over the constitutionality of the insurance mandate is similar to the arguments in about two dozen health-care reform lawsuits that have been filed across the country. Besides the Virginia case, two federal judges have upheld the law and 12 other cases have been dismissed on technicalities, according to Politico.com.

What makes the Florida case different is that the lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 20 states. It’s also the first court challenge to the new law’s requirement that Medicaid be expanded to cover Americans with incomes at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level (about $14,000 in 2010 for someone living alone). That Medicaid expansion has unleashed a series of protests from some states that contend the expansion will overwhelm their already-overburdened budgets, ABC News reported.

Latest Poll: Only 23% Say Country Headed In Right Direction

December 16, 2010

Continuing the theme, communism is not popular, looks like we are down to liberals and progressives only. The rest of the people know something is wrong, with Obammunism.

(Rasmussen)Just 23% of Likely U.S. Voters now say the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken the week ending Sunday, December 12. Down three points from last week, it’s the most pessimistic finding since January 2009.

Confidence that the country is moving in the right direction is down to 42% among Democrats from 59% the week before Election Day.

Among all voters, confidence in the nation’s current course had been hovering around the 30% mark since last November except for a brief burst of enthusiasm, largely among Democratic voters, just after Congress’ passage of the national health care bill in late March.

Seventy percent (71%) of voters say the country now is heading down the wrong track, the highest level found since March. Following passage of the health care bill, this number fell slightly but has since returned to levels found prior to the passage of the bill.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of those in President Obama’s party feel the country is on the wrong track.  Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Republicans and 76% of voters not affiliated with either political party agree.

And yet, the liberals continue spending other people’s money like it’s a bottomless pit. Hey liberals, there has been no society in human history that has made socialism work … it’s only how many people had to die before total failure.

Yea!!! — We’re Number One

December 16, 2010

Yes, it’s true, we now have the world’s highest job killing corporate tax rate — 40%.

To be fair, the reason we went from number two to number one is that Japan has announced that it will cut its corporate tax rate by five percentage points, to 35.7% from their previous 40.7%. So we get the top slot.

The Cato Institute developed this chart which shows KPMG data on corporate tax rates in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for 2010, and the new lower rate for Japan. With the Japanese reform, the average rate in the OECD will be 25.6 percent. That means that the 40 percent U.S. corporate tax rate is 56 percent higher than the average of wealthy-nations.

You wonder where the jobs went, think where you would locate.

Junk Science, The History of Progressives

December 16, 2010

Like with the lies of DDT, the lies of ALAR, second hand smoke and the latest over-sized moochelle sheik fat kids, liberals love their junk science — so they can order people around.

Another one bites the dust.

A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that the liberal study that forced California officials to cutback on water to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta was based on faulty science.
SFGate reported:

A federal judge has ruled that a landmark 2008 environmental study laying the groundwork for controversial water cutbacks from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta relied on faulty science.

In his much-anticipated decision released Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to re-examine and rewrite its plan for the threatened delta smelt.

The agency’s solution for shoring up the collapsing species – namely cutting water exports to California cities and farms – is “arbitrary” and “capricious,” the Fresno judge wrote in his 225-page decision…

…Wanger’s ruling upheld the evidence showing that the delta pumps do indeed trap and kill many delta smelt – a consolation for environmental groups that had fought for pumping cutbacks. However, the judge found fundamental flaws in the scientific analysis on the benefits of trimming water supplies to urban and rural areas and said the federal agency failed to examine the economic impacts of such a policy.

Agricultural water districts, plaintiffs in the case and the most vocal critic of the 2008 Fish and Wildlife Service report – officially termed a “biological opinion”- were delighted with Tuesday’s decision.

With the economy struggling and unemployment still soaring, it is welcome to see a judge refusing to rubber-stamp extreme, destructive and unjustified environmental regulations,” said Damien Schiff, attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, which backed several farmers in a lawsuit against the federal government. “Bottom line: The people win; junk science loses.”

So where do farmers go to get their lost wages and crop sales back?

Psycho Therapy: Edward Bernays, Wilson’s Propagandist

December 15, 2010

They have been playing us for 100 years … I really want the French Fries, you are hiding behind the carrots.

One of Bernays’ favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of “third party authorities” to plead his clients’ causes. “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway”, he said. In order to promote sales of bacon, for example, he conducted a survey of physicians and reported their recommendation that people eat heavy breakfasts. He sent the results of the survey to 5,000 physicians, along with publicity touting bacon and eggs as a heavy breakfast.

Bernays also drew upon his uncle Sigmund’s(Freud) psychoanalytic ideas for the benefit of commerce in order to promote, by indirection, commodities as diverse as cigarettes, soap and books.

In addition to his uncle Freud, Bernays also used the theories of Ivan Pavlov (Pavlov’s dog, remember that? It’s the very same).

PR industry historian Scott Cutlip describes Bernays as “perhaps the most fabulous and fascinating individual in public relations, a man who was bright, articulate to excess, and most of all, an innovative thinker and philosopher of this vocation that was in its infancy when he opened his office in New York in June 1919.”

Learn about Bernays and learn about how Obama is playing us today … And tell others, you know what is going on.

And why has no one told you before? All the elites know, about manipulating people to accomplish their goals.

How Bad Can It Get

December 15, 2010

For the “we’re not done yet”, Congress??? Destroy America is their flag.

Gallup shows approval plunging to 13%, and the difference is Democrats:

Americans’ assessment of Congress has hit a new low, with 13% saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job. The 83% disapproval rating is also the worst Gallup has measured in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance.

The prior low approval rating for Congress was 14% in July 2008 when the United States was dealing with record-high gas prices and the economy was in recession.

The current results are based on a Dec. 10-12 Gallup poll, conducted as Congress is finishing work on an important lame-duck session. The session has been highlighted by the agreement on taxes forged last week by President Obama and Republicans in Congress. The tax deal preserves the 2001 and 2003 income tax rates for all Americans for two years, revises the estate tax, extends unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed for a year, and reduces payroll taxes for American workers. It is expected to pass despite vocal opposition from some lawmakers.

Americans are generally more positive than negative toward the deal, but many Democrats in Congress oppose it.

The drop in approval is directly attributable to a loss in support from Democrats. The people have figured it out, BANKRUPT is not a party issue. Now will the “we’re not them” Republicans figure it out. So far the sad truth is no.


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