Rasmussen: Obama’s Speech On Libya, No Effect, Polls Still Going Down

March 30, 2011

Today, Rasmussen released a new poll showing that Obama didn’t get any bump at all in a survey taken both before and after the speech, in many ways support has eroded for the mission:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters rate the Obama administration’s response to the Libya situation as good or excellent, marking little change from two previous surveys. Thirty percent (30%) give the administration poor marks, up from 21% earlier this month before the president committed U.S. forces to Libya. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forty percent (40%) of voters felt at that time that the administration was doing a good or excellent job responding to the political crisis in Libya. Last week, with the U.S. military actively involved in Libya, 41% rated the Obama administration’s response as good or excellent, but 28% said it was doing a poor job.

The numbers also worsened slightly for the president from last week when voters are asked if Libya is vital to U.S. national security these days. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of voters say yes, while 48% say no, up six points from a week ago. Twenty-four percent (24%) remain undecided.

The survey took place on Monday and Tuesday nights, and Rasmussen reports that there was no statistical difference in responses between the two.

Project Gunrunner(GunWalker): Obama’s Stimulus Funded Border Nightmare

March 30, 2011

Michelle Malkin exposes to totality — Buried in Barack Obama’s failed trillion dollar stimulus program was a $10 million bloody border racket that has now cost American lives. This goes far beyond the usual waste, fraud and abuse underwritten by progressive profligacy. It’s bloodstained government malfeasance overseen by anti gun ideologues and now anti gun ideologue Attorney General Eric Holder will “investigate.”

First, some background. Like so many border programs run amok, Project Gunrunner was the spawn of Beltway bipartisanship. It was established in 2005 as a pilot project under the Bush administration and run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The intended goal of the program’s sting operations: stop illicit firearms trafficking along the Southwest border through close surveillance of undercover gun purchases and coordinated intervention with Mexico. The deadly result: federally sanctioned gunwalking of high-powered weapons from U.S. officials right into the hands of drug cartel killers.

By 2008, Project Gunrunner’s bureaucratic fiefdom had expanded rapidly along the U.S.-Mexico border and into the nine U.S. consulates in Mexico. The office raked in $2 million more through the little-scrutinized Merida Initiative, which Hispanic vote-pandering Republicans rammed through in a war supplemental bill. Despite warnings from the DOJ inspector general that tracking and assessment measures needed improvement, the payroll exploded from a few dozen to more than 200 by 2009. Under the Obama administration, ATF reaped another $21.9 million to expand Project Gunrunner (nearly half from the stimulus boondoggle), and the White House has requested almost $12 million more in fiscal year 2011 appropriations for the program.

Read About It: Town Hall

America Leads The World With Energy Resources

March 30, 2011

From the Energy Tribune:

America’s combined energy resources are, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CSR), the largest on earth. They eclipse Saudi Arabia (3rd), China (4th) and Canada (6th) combined — and that’s without including America’s shale oil deposits and, in the future, the potentially astronomic impact of methane hydrates.

Having the resources is one thing. Being sufficiently free of Democrat tyranny to access those resources is something else.

As Senator James Inhofe observes,

“The Obama administration has made a conscious policy choice to raise energy prices, accomplished in good measure by restricting access to domestic energy supplies. … We could help bring affordable energy to consumers, create new jobs, and grow the economy if the Obama administration would simply get out of the way so America can realize its true energy potential.”

But who is going to hear Inhofe when the old lamestream media will ignore most anything that doesn’t support their laughable “green energy” ideology?

And coal, which can be converted to liquid transport fule, gasoline and diesel, from a 2009 University of Texas study for under $30 a barrel oil equivalent … Who has the world’s coal?

So tell me, why does anyone listen to these liberal tyrants?

Biofuels Destroying The Planet And Starving People As Well

March 30, 2011

The first autos were run on biofuels. And then really smart people said it costs too much to till the land, water the crops, harvest the crops, and then turn the crops into biofuels. Then Oil was discovered, the ultimate bio-fuel.

Then cam liberals — Of course the UN is funding it. Stupid liberal trick 🙂 Indonesia eying $1bn climate aid to cut down forests, says Greenpeace

A young palm oil tree, growing where the rain forest used to grow. Bio-diversity replaced with lots of nothing, all in the name of saving the planet for palm oil trees. Palm oil is a lousy source of diesel fuel.

Ask yourself, wouldn’t a hole in the ground be far less impact.

Here is another interesting post on the same subject, protecting the plant, destroying the rain forests, formerly known as jungles.

Did you know you can turn coal into liquid transport fuel, cheaply? Yep sure can, just ask WWII Germany how they did it, using a 1920s technology called Fischer-Tropsch. And look who has all the coal. Another amazing liberal lie.

You notice how fast groceries are going up? Biofuel policy is causing starvation, says Nestlé boss.

BATFE Gun Runner Scandal Continues to Grow: Who’s Lying?

March 30, 2011

Start with, it was all about taking down the Second Amendment … And reinstating the AW ban. From Obama to Hillary.

Liberals have unfairly held law abiding gun shop owners responsible for the violence in Mexico for years, but as evidence continues to pile up against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Justice Department, Homeland Security and President Obama over what is now known as “Operation Gun Runner,” things aren’t looking so good for the Obama Administration.

Rep. Darrell Issa in addition to the National Rifle Association have called on Congress to fully investigate the case. Watch video:

Like Issa says in the report: Someone is lying.

Liberal Reasoning?

March 30, 2011

Here it is diagrammatically …

GunWalker: BAFTE Temporary Chief Refuses To Testify

March 29, 2011

So the BATFE’s temporary leader won’t testify at the Senate hearing, his choice he chose not to. So subpoena his testimony. Oh forgot, the Democrats won’t, he is after-all working for a Democrat and they protect, don’t they.

And now … What did he know and when did he know it …. CBS reports: ATF chief won’t appear at Senate hearing in wake of “gunwalking” scandal:

So far, Congress and the media haven’t had much luck getting answers on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ ongoing “gunwalking” controversy.The Department of Justice and ATF have missed repeated deadlines to turn over information and documents to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), who’s investigating. ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson (at left) was scheduled to appear before a Senate hearing Thursday, in which he would likely have been asked questions about the scandal. However, CBS News has confirmed Melson has now been pulled from the hearing witness list.

We contacted the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to ask why Melson is no longer scheduled to appear. They referred us to the office of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) who chairs the subcommittee holding the hearing. A press spokeswoman at the senator’s office said it was Melson’s decision not to testify, and that the subcommittee doesn’t have jurisdiction over ATF.

Later, a spokesman told us in an email, “The Subcommittee had invited, but not confirmed, Mr. Melson as well as other officials from ATF to testify at the hearing this week. In the end, ATF declined to send a representative.”

The gunwalking investigation may also have derailed any chance for Melson to have confirmation hearings anytime soon. President Obama made Melson, a former Justice Department attorney, acting director in April 2009. Sources on the Senate Judiciary Committee believed confirmation hearings for Melson were about to be scheduled before the gunwalking scandal broke. Now, they believe confirmation hearings for Melson will not happen in the near future.

The House, well that’s a different matter, now isn’t it? They can subpoena anyone. Somewall Obaby.

Mexico — Full Force Of The Law To Pursue GunWalking From US BATFE

March 29, 2011

Strange, CBS sticks to the ATF GunWalking case, and doesn’t appear to be giving up … My guess is they don’t appreciate the USA helping to kill their police and citizens, but drug cartel assassins. Shouldn’t this be a criminal investigations, afterall, the facts show the people in charge knew what they were doing … Taking down the Second Amendment with false charges was the ultimate goal.

Mexican attorney general says “full force of law” to be used in ATF gunwalking scandal investigation:

The Office of Mexico’s Attorney General has issued strong, new comments in response to ATF Gunwalking allegations exposed in an ongoing CBS News investigation.

As we have reported, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms say over the course of a year and a half, superiors ordered them to allow thousands of weapons to cross into Mexico as part of a failed plan to gain intelligence and take down a major drug cartel.

Over the weekend, the Mexican attorney general stated: “The controlled trafficking of weapons is not authorized under the Mexican national legislation. An operation that would contemplate this would not have been acceptable to the Mexican government, and it will never be under any circumstance.” The Mexican Attorney General also stated that it’s conducting its own investigation to identify “the crimes that could have been carried out on Mexican territory.”

Latest Press Release from Senator Grassley’s office:

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March 29, 2011

The Perfect Crease, Turns Into Saggy Pants

March 29, 2011

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