Mexican Politician Calls For Extradition Of ATF ‘Gunwalkers’

I think that this sort of stuff, shipping weapons to known criminals and drug gangs, even if it is for a good liberal cause, destroying the Second Amendment, is a cause for war … What would you call it — Giving guns to drug cartels to shoot up your country.

David Codrea reports:

“Senate estrangement prompted by ‘Fast and Furious’,” the translated headline from Mexico’s El Universal reads.

“Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the PT, will present a point of agreement to request the extradition of U.S. agents who executed the program,” the sub-head explains.

“Moreover, the point intended to encourage the federal Executive to request the extradition of U.S. agents who executed the program, for having committed the crime of trafficking in arms against the Mexican government, as well as those responsible for crimes likely,” the rough Google translation continues.

The original story is here.

The translation is here.

And the “Project Gunwalker”* story, and it’s implications not only for domestic criminal and political repercussions, but also for foreign policy, continues to grow.

Sipsey Street Irregulars has more.

Looks to me that after the failed attempt by Hillary and Greta to try and gin up a fake story illegal gun story as the basis for Obama’s gun control plan, things have now gone badly off track. Shades of the Clinton debacle at the Branch Davidian’s compound and unwarranted death of the occupants.

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