Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across America – Left Exploits Immigrants

Communists exploit their useful idiots

From the blog New Zeal:

Communist Party USA labor journalist John Wojcik is predicting huge labor union/immigrant rallies across America on May 1.

The US left wants to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, because they know that the vast majority will vote Democrat. In these times of high unemployment,  resentment among many unionized and unionized workers and the unemployed against illegal immigrants is high.

Therefore the left is deliberately trying to bring all these groups into an alliance behind Barack Obama and the Democrats and against the G.O.P.

From today’s Peoples World

Hundreds of thousands across the nation marching and rallying this May Day will be fusing two of the great struggles of the day – the fight for workers’ rights and the fight for immigrant rights.

The labor movement, rejecting the notion that immigrants are taking jobs away from the native-born, has jumped with both feet into the fightfor immigrant rights.

This is funny, because the only rights illegal immigrants have, is to go back home.

Earlier this week Obama met in the with illegal immigrant celebrity activists to coordinate these Communist May Day rallies. Hey is this our illegal president meeting with illegal immigrant supporters?

Remember this from June 18, 2010:

Obama tells Senator Kyl in private Oval Office meeting: I won’t secure border because then Republicans will have no reason to support “comprehensive immigration reform.” Otherwise known as AMNESTY

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