It’s Those White Guys: Leave My Poor Muslim Buddies Alone, See they Have Guns Now, Government Approved And Distributed Guns

Says our anti-colonialist president …. ROFLMAO. Say mr president, why would you give guns to Mexican and Colombian narc-terrorists? Hmmm, strange messaging, wouldn’t you say?

Hey Sgt Schultz, over here — LA Times: ATF sought to downplay guns scandal, emails show. Didn’t she say send in tips?

Napolitano: Domestic Terrorists Central to Threat

Since nearly all terrorists(99%) arrested in the last few years have been Muslims, strange indeed that Sgt Schultz would say stupid stuff this … with a straight face.

I guess the other stupid stuff said by the administration wasn’t stupid enough. Go back to squawking about the H1N1 bird flu and trying to panic the American people over mirages.

Nice outfit, almost as cool as this one …

Dressing for deep undercover.


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