What If Today’s Levels Of Air Pollution Didn’t Kill Anybody?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself whether this whole Global Warming Hoax thing might just be a crock of shit? Not only is it a crock of shit, but it’s also an evil and calculated LIE designed to erode national sovereignty and separate you from your money and freedoms.

And pay you will, in ways you can’t even imagine. The proof is out there.

Junkscience has this thought provoking posting — What if today’s levels of air pollution didn’t kill anybody?

That certainly would be bad news for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has spent the past 15 years stubbornly defending its extraordinarily expensive and ever-tightening air-quality regulations.

The EPA claims airborne fine particulate matter kills tens of thousands annually and that the prevention of those deaths will provide society $2 trillion annually in monetized health benefits by 2020.

But we can debunk those claims with more than mere criticisms of EPA’s statistical malpractice and secret data. We have actual data that simply discredit the EPA’s claims.

The problem is it’s true … OK, your turn lefties.


Can’t wait for the DDT argument, where today malaria for sure kills about 1.5 million Africans a year, most under the age of 5 years. Studies have shown DDT causes no harm to nature, unless you are a malaria carrying mosquito. Then poof.

The DDT ban was falsely and unilaterally put in force by the EPA, with no real evidence, when court litgation failed to prove any harm at all. The original court decision was backed up by many scientific studies and even such agencies as WHO, when in 2006 it rescinded the lefties DDT ban. Of course few know.

And now we have wind turbines killing thousands of the world’s raptors, and yes it’s provable. They poor birds cannot hear the turbine blades coming, and even if the did, are too big to maneuver to avoid the “whack”. Here is the evidence …

I wonder why the lefties don’t want to talk about malaria kills for lack of DDT and our disappearing raptors. Green energy does not exist without government subsidies. Won’t stay hidden for long.

Hey OblameO for once you could tell the truth, cat got your tongue?


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