#Occupy Goes Bust?

Two months after it began, the movement is giving every sign of running out of steam. Recent protests have been resounding flops, public support is slipping, and even Democrats are reluctant to embrace the movement. Despite all their high tech swagger ….

Even in it’s heyday, the media hyping and all that, the movement was tiny com[ared to the Tea Party …

Some recent #Occupy failures:

Black Friday Protest. Occupy Black Friday planned to dampen sales at publicly traded retailers on the biggest shopping day of the year to “hit corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts.” It was a bust. Just four showed up that morning at a New York City Macy’s, for example, and only two dozen protested at downtown San Francisco stores. Meanwhile, Black Friday sales climbed 7% to a record high and the S&P Retail Index on Monday had its best one-day percentage gain since August.

UC Davis Strike. Occupiers promised a general strike at the University of California-Davis Monday to protest tuition hikes, with the goal of shutting down the campus. The strike never happened, and classes went on as scheduled.

Shutting Wall Street. Movement organizers planned a massive “street carnival” on its two-month anniversary Nov. 17, promising at least 10,000 would attend and “shut down Wall Street.” Only about 1,000 showed up and Wall Street business went on as usual. Other “day of action” events around the country attracted only a small number of protesters.

Student Debt Campaign. The Occupy Student Debt campaign is trying to enlist one million people to default on their student loans to protest the rising cost of colleges. So far, just over 1,700 have signed the online pledge, according to its website.

With city governments clearing out many Occupy camps, including Occupy LA early Wednesday morning, it’s now unclear if the movement will have any meaningful presence at all in the near future.

phhhtttt …


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