Racism: Setting the Record Straight

Who is the KKK … The WSJ Reports on The Democrats’ Missing History

A group of black activists led by Wayne Perryman has filed a brief against the Democrat Party for its long history of racism and discrimination of the black community.
Zilla reported:

Suing President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for racism would be a joke if the Plaintiffs were anyone other than Rev. Wayne Perryman, a respected black minister and community activist. Perryman, an author, lecturer and a former newspaper publisher and radio talk show host who has received a multitude of honors and awards for his work and community service, was recently recognized by Chairman Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP for his latest research on racism and politics.

On September 11, 2011, Perryman brought together blacks from the West Coast and the East Coast to sign one of the most comprehensive legal briefs ever prepared for a racial discrimination lawsuit. The suit was to filed on September 12, 2011 in US District Court against President Barack Obama and the DNC. The plaintiffs, who refer to the defendants as the “Father of Racism,” allege that as an organization, the Democratic Party has consistently refused to apologize for the role they played in slavery, Jim Crow and for other subsequent racist practices from 1792 to 2011. Mrs. Frances P. Rice, the Chair of the National Black Republican Association is also a named plaintiff in the class action lawsuit.

The case cites the collective work of over 350 legal scholars and includes Congressional records, case law, research from our nation’s top history professors, racist statements from Democratic elected officials, citations from the Democrat’s National Platforms regarding their support of slavery, excepts of speeches from Senator Obama, individual testimonies from blacks who lived in the Jim Crow South and opinions from the NAACP.

Perryman said President Obama was named as a defendant not only because he is the official leader of the Democratic Party, but because of certain statements he made about his own party in his book, Dreams from My Father.

Kudos to Wayne Perryman and the brave black activists who joined him in this historic pursuit of justice.

The National Black Republican Association is petitioning Obama to issue a formal proclamation of apology for the Democratic party’s history of racism.

President Obama, Can You Spare A Proclamation
The National Black Republican Association has issued a petition to Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party, requesting that Obama issue a formal proclamation of apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism.
We recognize that this is likely too much to ask of the oh so “racially sensitive” Democrats who want us to ignore their racist past and failed socialism that have caused so much harm to black Americans.  So we will not hold our breath waiting for their response. READ THE PETITION HERE

The Democrats have always been the party of racism and discrimination, contrary to their propaganda about “racist Republicans”, which is nothing more than projection, and the Democrats’ false narrative that they are champions of Civil Rights despite the fact that it was Republicans who fought for them and the Democrats who fought against them. (See The Democrat Race Lie at Black & Right)

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