Sorting the Obama Organizer players: Secretive nationwide network gives SEIU new organizing muscle

Remember Steven Lerner, the SEIU point man organizing trouble for Obama? He’s back. Labor and Community Organizer & former SEIU official Stephen Lerner is in the news again. Around this time last year he was calling for Americans everywhere to commit economic fraud and wage economic terrorism on the United States (by refusing to pay their mortgages). He wanted to collapse the system and destroy capitalism. He’s back, speaking at the ‘abolish capitalism’ conference and urges radicals to take immediate action.

The Daily Caller Goes To Work sorting out the Obama players:

The politically aggressive Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has quietly created a national network of at least eight community-organizing groups, some of which function alongside the Occupy Wall Street movement, a Daily Caller investigation shows.

Incorporated by the SEIU as local non-profits, the groups are waging concerted local political campaigns to publicly attack conservative political figures, banks, energy companies and other corporations.

Each local group has portrayed itself as an independent community organization not tied to any special interest. But they were founded, incorporated, and led by SEIU personnel.

The individual activist groups use benign-sounding names including This Is Our DC; Good Jobs, Great Houston; Good Jobs, Better Baltimore; Good Jobs Now in Detroit; Fight for Philly; One Pittsburgh; Good Jobs LA; and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy.

In reality, they are creations of the wealthy and influential labor union, amounting to a secret network of new SEIU front groups.

On two occasions in 2011, approximately 30 Our DC protesters descended on the congressional office of Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The first of those two December efforts was part of a “Take Back the Capital” campaign orchestrated by union officials and coinciding with an Occupy DC rally.

A source told the Daily Caller that while African-American and Hispanic protesters sat in McConnell’s office, two Caucasian women from Our DC directed the protesters from the hallway. The staffers called reporters, operated laptops and posted messages to Twitter.

That event was promoted through a “99% in DC” website, which Internet Web server records indicate was managed by the union. But Our DC activists were quick to advise local media outlets not to confuse them with the Occupy movement

It’s weird what your President is doing, all to trick the masses into supporting his socialism. No wonder he never seems to do anything for America, just trying to organize the hoards. Hugo Chavez style crap. Hey did you know, Chavez now has cancer, again …. meanwhile Venezuela rots in the socialist sunshine.


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