Obama working on the Fundamental Transformation of Canada

The fellow who said the USA should not interfere in other countries politics, is on the top of the list for the interferers.

News guaranteed to shake Canadians off their duffs: Obama covets Canada.

King-of-the-World-Legend-in-his-own-Mind Barack Obama sees Canada not as a Parliamentary Democracy, but as part of his Marxist-inspired empire.

Nine months after Canada’s May 2011 federal election where Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper took 40% of the vote winning 166 seats for his first majority, the same groups that put Obama in the office to which they are hellbent to return him come November 6, work to overturn the results of the Canadian election.

The coming battle for the protection of Canadian sovereignty could be called the People’s War against a North American Union on Steroids.

Overturning Canadian democracy is being aided and abetted by the leaders of documented Obama groups, including Ben Brandzei, a former advocacy director for Moveon.org, as well as Ross McGregor, Director of the Tides Canada Foundation. And yes, that is the Canadian branch of George Soros’ Tides Foundation.

Arab Spring has become Canadian Spring

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