Get the Truth About Fracking

Have you heard the one about hydraulic fracturing (”fracking”) depleting our water supplies? Yeah, I’ve heard that one too. Some jerk, made a movie about flaming water spouts of some such nonsense.There are a dozen myths out there regarding fracking for every truth you hear. It’s time someone set out to dispel as many as possible. Well, we’ve got just the guy to do it. Donovan Schafer is an Energy Policy Center research associate and an expert on the process of hydro fracturing. The Energy Policy Center is debuting a series which aims to provide the public with the truth about fracking. Here is the first part in the series and it concerns the myth that fracking depletes our water supplies. Stay tuned for the rest of the series over at Energy Policy Center blog.

Did you know fracking is as old as drilling, and hitting gas pockets is common with shallow water wells.


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