Do The Liberals Even know The Meaning Of Thinking

Ah…the smell of hypocrisy in the morning: (h/t Tom Nelson)

When writer and outdoorsman Mike Lanza realized climate change was staking a full-scale assault on our most beloved national parks, he didn’t just lament about how his kids wouldn’t get to experience them the way he did. Instead, he saddled up his entire family — wife Penny, son Nate, 10, and daughter Alex, 7 — with packs, kayaks, and climbing gear and embarked on a year-long mission to visit them all. His new book Before They’re Gone: A Family’s Year-Long Quest to explore America’s Most Endangered National Parks chronicles the adventure. He took some time to answer a few questions about our changing parks, life-list trip planning, and educating the next generation about climate change through adventures in the great outdoors.

…Q. Getting to all these places obviously required a lot of carbon. Did that ever trouble you?

A. Yes. I’m kind of a nut about energy consumption…We’re planning a family climbing trip to the City of Rocks in June, a nine-day hut trek in Norway in July, and a four-day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range in August.

Trains, planes and automobiles.

But hey, he is a nut about energy consumption and all.


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