Dell releases Ubuntu 12.04 image for XPS 13 ultrabook

The assault on the Microsoft tax continues.

Did you know that Apple OS X is basically UNIX? BSD based to be exact.

Dell has packaged Ubuntu 12.04 to support its XPS 13 ultrabook.

Dell has been pushing its XPS 13 ultrabook hard with seductive television ads accompanied by generally positive reviews. Now the firm has really thrown a spanner into the works as it announced that for the last six months it has been working with Canonical to bring full support for the XPS 13 hardware to Ubuntu 12.04.

Barton George, director of marketing for Dell’s web operations said the firm has been working on the project, dubbed Sputnik, for six months to pitch a laptop to web developers. While George said hardware support was at the top of Dell’s priorties, he did admit that support for the XPS 13 laptop’s multi-touch trackpad isn’t complete.

Source: The Inquirer

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