Bundle The Sunshine, Get Kickbacks: Obama Donor’s Hubby Gets $1B in DOE Solar Loans

Sunshine good for solar cells on space craft, where there are limited options. But any engineer can tell you the solar density of sun’s energy hitting the earth’s surface is too low for anything, except campaign donor payback’s for loans for “clean energy”. Looks good on paper, or teleprompter speeches, just doesn’t work in practice.

Or a better plan is to generate campaign  ‘kickbacks’ if that helps you understand the “new” Democrats money laundering plan. Clean Energy fakers, to ostensibly save the planet from CO2, in exchange for hard cash to Democrats, who oddly enough supply to votes for the cash when needed. From your US treasury, to the Democrats pockets. After-all, they are losing the public union kickback racket, so they now need another way to funnel public money to Democrat coffers.

How simple it is …

Do the calculation yourself, look up solar energy density per square meter and use solar cell conversion efficiency … then see how many square miles of solar cells it would take to build real power stations. Do you think that is practical? Yes I used to design solar cell based spacecraft.

But — If the sun were hot enough to make energy directly, we would all cook, and our planet would look a lot like Venus does. What do you think the sun is?

But back to the story at hand, Democrat party kickback financing.

Well … How do you think the Democrats minority party and progressives has survived for 100 years. Think “government trough”. After their KKK died, Democrats needed a new source of funds to keep them going. So what’s a minority supposed to do?

New disclosures show that one of President Obama’s bundlers is the wife of an executive at an energy company that received a more-than-$1.2 billion Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee for a solar power plant.
Keep it in the family, but don’t let anybody know …  dig deep.
The truth will set America free again:
Arvia Few is a bundler for the Obama re-election campaign who has promised to raise between $50,000 and $100,000. She began bundling for Obama in the first quarter of 2012. Her husband, Jason Few, is an executive at a company that has benefited handsomely from the Obama administration’s clean energy spending, records show.
The U.S. Department of Energy granted NRG Solar a $1.237-billion loan in September 2011 to help build NRG’s California Valley Solar Ranch, which is described as “a 250 MW alternating current PV solar generating facility” by the U.S. Department of Energy.
Few became senior vice president of Houston-based Reliant Energy in 2008. He was named President of Reliant in May 2009 when NRG Energy acquired Reliant for $287.5 million. He currently serves as executive vice president and chief customer officer of NRG Energy.
Does this sound a lot like what the Clinton’s did, with their “rainmaker” schemes. He the Governor, she the rainmaker for campaign contributions to Bill?
“This investment and its outcome represent a pattern in which the Obama Department of Energy took promises of technological development with an undue amount of credence,” says energy expert Kenneth P. Green, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
“On any given day, there are hucksters who say they can power the world. Unfortunately, there was also an administration that wanted to believe their claims,” Green said. “One has to assume that the administration was more likely to believe the people it knew.”
Other financial interests tied to the Obama administration have also invested in NRG Solar.
And you are probably still wondering wy your electricity costs will “necessarily skyrocket”.
BTW, ever seen a real greenhouse and wonder why they all have a roof???

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