Risesn From The Dead: Mitt Romney’s Tea Party Masters

WOW, not bad for dead group. I assume the media thought what? Does the media actually “think”, or do they just reprint Team Obama Press releases?

Now we are controlling Mitts campaign … I wish that were true.

See if you can tell, is the reporter a leftist or what?

Romney can’t possibly want to tie himself to the wildly unpopular House GOP and the Tea Party activists who set its agenda. The question is: Does he have a choice?

At first blush, it looked so deftly orchestrated on Tuesday—Mitt Romney giving his blistering “prairie fire” speech on the debt, and John Boehner telling Pete Peterson and crowd that he relishes forcing another debt-ceiling showdown. The old one-two. Dominated the headlines. The speeches appeared to reflect a shift in focus to debts and deficits. But is this really where Romney wants to go? And in the company of Boehner? What’s next, an ethnic sensitivity speech at Mel Gibson’s place?

First of all, Romney’s speech was completely out of control. Several people have torn it to pieces already, so I needn’t do that. What remains interesting, though, is why he would choose to talk in such an incendiary way about a topic that is such an obvious liability for him.

Speaking of liabilities, did you ever consider, we care not waht the media says as a whole, they lie.

The Tea Party won’t die, and is no longer listening to what leftists say and try to do. Once you have taught people what is happening, then demonstrate what you can do, see 2010 elections, and pay close attention to the 720 party flips in State legislature, then try and unlearn the public,.

Did you notice?


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