Caught on camera: SEIU activists discuss $20 payment for Obamacare protest

Did you think Union Thugs protest for free???

Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller appears to show a group of women dressed in purple Service Employees International Union-branded clothing, discussing how much they were paid to attend a March 27 protest outside the Supreme Court. The video first appeared online Wednesday.

The SEIU-affiliated women were leaving a protest in support of President Obama’s health care overhaul law. Walking past a camera, they discussed where they planned to eat lunch and how they would pay for it:

“No, no we don’t, we can go to Union Station, we can eat anywhere and then we will all leave out together, that’s what they gave us that 20 dollars for, to spend.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that was what it’s for.”

“Yes, twenty dollars.”

“Twenty dollars?”

“They gave you 20 dollars in the brown envelope!”

“In the brown envelope, in your little errr … [fades off]

“So, what you wanna do?”


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