Maurice Strong Sees The Cratering Of His Stewie Griffin-style Plan to rule the World

Rio’s ‘Failure should be celebrated as The Future We Avoided’ — The ‘failure’ of Rio+20 is cause for celebration, even if you can’t afford champagne and foie gras that ecocrats served themselves’, led by the amiable Maurice Strong, a kleptocrat king in waiting.

In the past no one wanted to hear about this ecocrat imaginary crap, then they figured out they don’t want Stewie Griffin ruling the world. Yikes!

So the people woke up and yelled stop. And figured out what was really going on with their world Communism. Commune, get it? What was it Obama said, his salvation was a collective salvation. OK so tell me who runs the collective? Why me of course.

‘Entirely bogus eco scares are being manufactured as a rationale for payoffs to the very kleptocrats who are responsible for global poverty … An Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is also on the drawing board. This will reportedly do for biodiversity what the IPCC did for climate science: pervert it for political ends’

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