The Folly of Calling Weather Climate, And Trying To Make You Believe It.

Put your blinders on and listen too the latest TV weather readers …

Just when you thought Global Warming was becoming a non-issue, we have one week of warm weather IN JULY and the Chicken Little’s come out of the woodwork saying the world is coming to an end.

We have an eastern U.S. blocking high pressure system over the Atlantic.

But looking at the world weather map, to find global warming shows this … A weather related feature referred to as a blocking high. It’s weather, not climate. See the difference? Understand the difference?

Yep the Eastern USA is hot, but how about the Western USA? Not so much ehh. And how is that global warming? Isn’t the whole globe supposed to warm? Not just a few patches? Satellites, modern easy way to see things, like global weather.

And what is the lamestream media saying as they dutifully push the myth to you?

First off it’s not global. Just today England was fretting about how cold and wet the Olympics will be. At least their long range forecasters are telling them that.

The is weather, not climate. It is caused by a persistent blocking high pressure pattern. In a day or two, that red splotch over the eastern USA will be gone.

Image from Dr. Ryan N. Maue of WeatherBELL

Our old buddy — h/t to Joe Bastardi

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer puts it in perspective

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