You Wonder Where The Black Jobs Went? Obama Needs The Illegals To Vote

There is enough evidence what is being done now to blacks and our justice department is doing it. Every Illegal who comes here does so for a job. To try and better themselves and their families. Same with blacks. But they are all in the same labor group, vying for the same jobs.

What’s the message here?

Obama’s re-elect strategy assumes the blacks will automatically vote for him, but he needs more voters. Think Hugo Chavez, and the way he runs the poor around for their votes. Then think Obama. You might say a US President wouldn’t do this, Mao type electioneering? Hah, they wouldn’t if they were honorable people of character. But he has no character?

Ever wonder why Obama looks right into the camera and lies to you? Simple he isn’t talking to you, but others — His voters. He knows they will. He knows they buy the lies — without question. Hey they went for the Obama stash, free gas, free kitchen thingy didn’t they? I wonder, did anyone ever get anything free? At what cost?

What’s setting off the panic in Obama? Easy, Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval. And you have to ask yourself, is even that a lie? With the sample heavily weighted Democrat, the allusion that they are the majority party, still works, for now.

I am reading the White House recommended book “Animal Spirits.” “Animal spirits” is the term John Maynard Keynes used in his 1936 book The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money to describe emotions which influence human behavior and can be measured in terms of consumer confidence. Trust is also included or produced by “animal spirits”. Several articles and at least two books with a focus on “animal spirits” were published in 2008 and 2009 as a part of the Keynesian resurgence. You wouldn’t want the people to know, besides how many would actually understand the Jedi mine games they are playing on you now. Here is a book to read, if you think you can comprehend … It’s great liberal read. “The Little Blue Book”. No not the Maoists “The Little Red Book” … Mao killed tens of millions of unarmed peasants, when he took over China.

For instance, FDR was a huge Keynes man. The original spend yourself to prosperity. Di that work? Did FDR succeed, was the Great Depression actually fixed by WWII, and FDR’s death? Because FDR sure didn’t fix anything.

Books are your friend. It tells what others are doing while they try and do it, mostly to you.


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