CBO Analysis: ObamaTAX To Cost $2.6 Trillion Over First Full Decade

The truth is slow to get out, remember the Tea Party said ObamaTAX would likely cost $2.7 Trillion. But Obama and the Democrats insisted on the lie of it should cost less that $1 Trillion. So who was lying, then, do you know?

The world’s biggest tax increase is real, and coming soon.

Hey I don’t like to tell the truth about a president that is such a stranger to the truth. It pains me to do so. Most people like to believe that the President is honest, well mostly honest. But got to say, read Obama book, Dreams from his father. and see the composited lies about his life. Who lies to their own autobiography? Too much time in the choom wagon will do that to you, you knw. This is your brain on drugs, remember those government commercials?

Why do you think the taxes phase in now, the benefits in 2016? Any clue there? Let’s see the law went into effect in 2010, and the benefits start in 2014-2016. Cuts costs doesn’t it?

Hey FDR was the first big lie man, with SSI. He said to the Supreme Court it was just general revenues, he told the poeple the money was being saved by the government. Now in 2013, the SSI account is going broke. Ponzi scheme is running out of new contributors. Most get it.

Now the CBO using real numbers, instead of Obama lies has figured the true taxes levied on taxpayers. Why is it so hard to find honest politicians, you know, people with character? This was all known in the beginning to anybody who wanted to just ask the questions.

And yep, the Tea Party was right all along. And this is with the $500 Billion dollar “doctor fix” which was counted twice by the Obama Democrats.

The CBO reports:

President Barack Obama promised his health-care law would cost approximately $900 billion over ten years when he first proposed it.

And the lamestream happily said it was all true. Does anybody actually believe them anymore? The free lunch has been found, just ask the lamestream media.

Since then, the price tag has continued to climb. Total spending under the Affordable Care Act will reach $2.6 trillion over its first full decade, according to a Senate Budget Committee analysis, which was based on Congressional Budget Office estimates and growth rates.

The analysis was released by the committee’s ranking member Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, of Alabama.

The president announced his proposal to a joint session of Congress in 2009, saying: “[The] plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years — less than we have spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and less than the tax cuts for the wealthiest few Americans that Congress passed at the beginning of the previous administration.”

The CBO found that the president’s claim fell short by $5 billion, however, when leveled against their estimates of spending provisions necessary for the new law. Adding up costs like implementation and closing Medicare coverage gaps, the CBO estimated that the law would cost $1.4 trillion from fiscal year 2010 to 2019.

But the majority of the spending provisions do not take effect until 2014, four years into the decade Obama based his estimates on.

“Congressional Democrats delayed these provisions in order to show only six years of spending under the plan in the original 10-year budget window (from FY2010-19) used by CBO at the time the law was enacted,” said the press release.

Thus, an full estimate of the law’s cost must cover 2014-2023, the first decade the Affordable Care Act will be in full swing. The Senate Budget Committee found that total spending over that period will amount to at least $2.6 trillion.

After the Supreme Court upheld the law as constitutional, the CBO promised to score the law again and release that score the week of July 23.

“CBO is still assessing the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the agency’s projections of federal spending and revenue under current law,” CBO Director Doug Elmendorf wrote in a Monday blog post.

The budget committee analysis comes the same day that House Republicans scheduled a vote on repealing Obamacare.


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  1. Bob Harmon says:

    I have to LMMFAO! You mean to tell me that the CBO just figured out the 10 years while only showing 6 years of paying for it scam? I was blogging about that 3 years ago! Lib math… 6 = 10!?! It’s a new Ponzi scheme.

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