Hey, The Good News Is Blame Bush Is So Over: Obama Blames State and Local Governments, Congress for 14.1 Percent Black Unemployment

But it is still not his fault that he can’t seem to fix anything, well of course that does not include government green handouts to his cronies, which strangely never seem to succeed …

I guess it’s tougher to change the laws of physices than he thought, huh?

In an interview with Black Enterprise magazine, President Barack Obama blames state and local governments, as well as Congress, for over 14 percent black unemployment.

The Weekly Standard writes:

“Black unemployment still stands at nearly 14%. How do you communicate that the economy is headed in the right direction?,” the editor in chief of Black Enterprise asks Obama.

“Most economists will tell you that there is no doubt the economy has gotten stronger, but we are digging ourselves out a deep hole. There are a lot more things we could be doing. To get them done, we need cooperation of Congress. We got the payroll tax portion of [my American Jobs Act] done, but what we didn’t get done is the assistance I was proposing to the states to help them hire back teachers, firefighters, and first responders, because one of the weakest parts of this recovery has been state and local government hiring,” Obama responds.

“Given the weaknesses of the construction industry, the American Jobs Act proposed that we rebuild schools, roads, bridges, airport, and ports. That would provide small businesses with opportunities as contractors and vendors in this rebuilding process. Again, Congress needs to act.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black unemployment in the month of July was at 14.1 percent.

Additionally, Obama was asked, “How do you respond to criticism that your administration hasn’t done enough to support black businesses?”

Why not just end it, as Obama does not understand anything American that his anti-Colonialist father had not instructed him to do. After the tear down colonial Americans, primarily white fols economy, he knows nothing. That much is clear.

Oh BTW, can we see the grades in college. Something is fishy with all that. You didn’t denounce your U.S. Citizenship for Indonesian did you? Because that would be an aut0matic disqualification to the job you now hold. Doesn’t matter if pappy Soreto did it, just matters it was done.

Might explain some of the economic lases you have about America.

Yes it is his fault that black American unemployment is 14.1 %.


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