Obama’s Third World View

Ever wonder why Obama speaks English, but when you listen to him, he does not speak American? Read that again. It’;s like someone who has never attended a Fourth of July celebration when he was a child. That’s how he speaks. It just sounds weird.

Obama is a proponent of failed economic policies that have left much of the Third World mired in poverty. Rather than acknowledging that centralized economic planning is a failure, Obama faults America’s industrial might as the cause of economic malaise that has crippled much of Africa. The answer, therefore, is not to abandon the discredited economic policies, but to disable America so as to level the playing field. Once America is bankrupt, Kenyan economic programs are bound to succeed!

Socialism has mired Africa and the SE Asian countries in the same malaise. The one who first opens your eyes to that fact, is his half-brother George. You need to see the movie to know more … Obama: 2016. it’s frightening to think, this is why he hasn’t told you what the plan for the next four years is to be. He can’t. He knows you would never vote for that!!!

Did you know, Obama won’t speak to George? Won’t even help him?

As someone who follows politics and current events closely, I thought that I was better informed about Barack Obama’s radicalism than most people. Nevertheless, the new documentary film exposed me to much more information than I had previously been aware of. Obama is not as bad as I thought. Arguably, he is worse, much worse. If you still subscribe to American exceptionalism or believe in American ideals, you need to see this movie with an undecided voter who is persuadable.

In 2008, I was initially disturbed by Obama’s bizarre hero worship of his absentee Kenyan father which sometimes bordered upon pagan idolatry. During the same 2008 campaign, by virtue of reading British newspaper articles, I was aware of the fact that Obama’s father was less of an outstanding academic and renowned economist and more of a violent alcoholic and bigamist. He was also a Marxist who believed that a tax rate of one hundred percent could be justifiable.

He dreams of the third world, a world where it is America that  is hated for it’s colonialism, which most American’s don’t even know about, or care. It’s a world that hates America … It’s Obama’s world view. Listen to Rev Wright’s tapes … they tell the truth, you just may not want to hear.

A world that must bring America into account for all the sins of the past, and all the wealth that has been stolen America must be down sized.

America has rightfully taken over the colonial staff from England.

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