The Empty Chair President

Did Clint Just Knock it out of the park?

Perfectly describing our “empty chair”?

I couldn’t stop laughing And apparently neither could America. It is now cool to nkock our play President.

First the lamestream tried to paint Clint as just a senile old man. Didn’t work. Then they tried to defend our out of ideas, empty chair. Didn’t work, so now what … They decide to laugh with us,

Clint Eastwood’s shtick was a convention highlight  His naughty joke telling and all … It is in the spirit of the Obama campaign, wasn’t it??? The lies now ring flat. Nothng he does works, Empty chair.

Hollywood icon provided welcome comic relief

Ah, yes: Clint. His scene-stealing with an empty chair representing President Obama on the closing night of Mitt Romney’s big party has people across the country shouting at empty seating.

Boy, did New Yorkers get into Eastwooding on Friday when the Daily News brought a chair out onto the street.

See that bench? Ask how it’s helping the 23 million jobless.

Free seat on the subway?

An empty chair at the dining room table? Imagine it told you to go you-know-what yourself.

Everybody, Eastwooding is fantastic therapy. It even works with your home toilet.

Eastwooding Obama

Out of ideas, out of plans, out of money …

The original act was a thing to behold. Man meets chair. Man asks chair questions. Man imagines chair taking offense. Crowd goes wild. Man and chair depart stage. No harm done. In fact, we say: plenty of good done.


Another month, another disappointing jobs report. The news out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for July is discouraging for millions of Americans, including the more than 2.5 million Hispanics struggling to find work. Yet the reaction from our president doesn’t seem to match the magnitude of the problem.

From the White House, President Obama touted the 163,000 net jobs added in July, saying: “Those are our neighbors and family members finding work, and the security that comes with work.” He has also told us that the “private sector is doing fine” and that his policies are “working.” So, what are Americans to do and what are those in the Hispanic community to believe?

Believe the numbers:

July is the 42nd month in a row with an unemployment rate above 8 percent. 

The Hispanic unemployment rate in July was 10.3 percent–well above the national average.

For Hispanic youth between the ages of 16 and 19, the situation is even more depressing at a whopping 29.4 percent.

Mr inflation , Ben Bernanke says he has the answers, print “mo money”. Yep Jimmy Carter hyperinflation. That ought to do it.

Eastwood’s answer, replace the empty chair with someone who isn’t just playing President. Clint is right!!!! Vote Romney. Get a real President!!!

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