Small Businesses Created No Jobs In August

The growth in our economy is propelled by small business. And when they do not create jobs, GDP is going nowhere. here is the report from National Federation of Independent Business:

The small business advocacy group said the survey of its members shows that small businesses lost an average of 0.05 workers in August. That reading, which NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg called “essentially zero,” showed that business owners remain reluctant to hire because of uncertainty about the economy and the November elections.

Treading water, waiting for the end of Obama. Not the coming of the monkey god. IF you don’t know who(what) that is, read Obama’s first book. See what
Lolo Soetoro told him.

The NFIB said 78 percent of the business owners who participated in the survey made no changes in employment over the last three months. Twelve percent added an average 2.7 workers and 10 percent cut their payrolls an average of 2.5 workers.

Dunkelberg predicted that the trend of little or no job growth would continue for the coming months.

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