Fox News’ Eric Bolling: Obama administration ‘answers to the Quran first and Constitution second’

Our Muslim Preezy thinks the thinks the quran is before our Constitution… 

The detention of Nakoula Bessaly Nakoula, the California filmmaker who produced an anti-Muhammad video that enraged anti-American mobs in the Middle East, aroused a national debate on the First Amendment.

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Five” on the Fox News Channel, co-panelist Eric Bolling said that act represented something else: President Barack Obama’s administration holding the Quran in higher esteem than the U.S. Constitution.

“I don’t want to cut you off — can we throw the picture up of the filmmaker again, where he is all in disguise and the cops are leading him out?” Bolling said. “To me, America changed. Someone emailed that picture — Mark Levin sent this to me to take a look at this. America changed at that moment. To use what is being called a flimsy ploy to bring a guy in for questioning proves that the Obama administration through all the appeasement and the apologizing answers to the Quran first and Constitution second. There is no reason for him to be brought in.”

And what law did he break.

Now for the 64000 dollar question.

Sunni or Shiaa? Is our Muslim Preezy, which are you you — want to tell the American people?


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