WAR On Coal … Why Doesn’t The Media Tell You About This?

Media has Fluked you … By the media.

War On Coal — President Obama is ruining the coal industry and it’s affecting real people across the country. We have 250 years of coal. Why wouldn’t we use it? In total we have about #0% of the world’s coal in the contenental USA. Did you know that you CAN CONVERT COAL TO oil for about $30 a barrel oil equivalent from a recent UT Study. This produces transportation fuel.

That is an entirely different endeavor from President Obama’s factory closures, which use regulation and fiat to box out industries that they just don’t like, because they feel like it — ‘necessarily skyrocketing’ energy prices for be damned.

President Obama’s war on coal is real. Don’t believe us? Come to Brilliant, Ohio or Clay, West Virginia and we’ll show you coal mines that were closed as a result of President Obama’s assault on hardworking Americans who work in the coal industry. Coal is a cheap, abundant, and reliable source of power. Almost 90% of Ohio’s power comes from coal and just across the Ohio River in West Virginia, over 95% of its power comes from coal. Needless to say, coal plays a vital role in not only powering the Buckeye and Mountain states, but coal generates nearly half of America’s electricity. So why would President Obama want to destroy such a vital part of America’s economy? …

Since taking office, President Obama and his extreme EPA have issued new rules and regulations that are crippling the coal industry. In the weeks following President Obama’s inauguration, his administration was already in the process of rewriting the Stream Buffer Zone Rule – a rule that took 5 years to codify under the previous administration. President Obama’s rewrite of this one rule would cost tens of thousands of direct and indirect coal jobs.

Get RID of the EPA…

Way Of Life

Coal is what makes about 50% of our electricity. And the recent Bush era Fluidized bed coal “Clean coal “improves coal power plant effeciency by about 30% over conventional power plant boiler technology…. In fact you can read about the new boiler tecknol;ogy at the POlk County Power plant…. Bet you didn’t know about that did you???


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