Defense contractors back off layoff notice threats ahead of sequestration

It’s the law and they all know it. YOu are supposed to notify their employees of pending layoffs, and their is no ambiguityIt’s to protect the people.

So Obama tells the Defense Contractors, don’t tell their employeses of pending layoffs because of coming cuts to the defense budget. Due to the Obama cuts…

The Washington Post reports:

Several defense contractors on Monday backed off threats to issue layoff notices to employees in coming weeks, a move they had said might be required given the threat of mandatory federal budget cuts in January.

Bethesda-based contracting giant Lockheed Martin and the U.S. arm of Britain’s BAE Systems, which is based in Arlington County, said they would not issue the notices this year. Under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or Warn Act, states require advance notice of mass layoffs or facility closures.

The White House issued a memo late last week that directs contractors to follow the guidance of the Labor Department. In a July letter, the department said the Warn Act does not require contractors facing sequestration to send notices to their workers that they could be let go.

In its new guidance, the White House said that if sequestration occurs and an agency terminates or changes a contract that results in a plant closing or mass layoff, the contractors’ liability and litigation costs under the Warn Act would be “allowable costs” covered by the contracting agency.

Bottom line, they will tell you after the elections if you have been layed off, where the law(Warn Act) says they have only months to notify you of possible pending layoffs.

I will tell you after you vote for me whether we cut defense back… Says our lawless Preezy

The people get screwed…

UPDATE: Our play President, vs our empty chair, who got the snot beat out of him last night!!!!

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